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2021 Premiers’ Reading Challenge

Students in years 7-10 are encouraged to take part in the 2021 Premiers’ Reading Challenge and read 15 books or more between now and September.

The Challenge encourages children and students from birth to year 10 to read a set number of books over the year and record their efforts online. Since the Challenge first began in 2005, more than 3 million students have read nearly 51 million books.

The motto for the Victorian Premiers Reading Challenge is Open up a New World which is exactly what reading good books does.

As autumn and winter come upon us there is even more opportunity to read. Between now and September is about 20 weeks, so a book or so a week is a good challenge to keep.

To register students use their edupass here:

Students can borrow books from friends or the school library, Casey Cardinia libraries, or buy them from second-hand stores, newsagents, or bookshops.

Keep in mind the following encouragements to read

  1. Reading is Good for you Because it Promotes Brain Activity
  2. Your Memory Improves When You Read
  3. Reading Helps to Build your Knowledge Base
  4. Reading Builds Logical Reasoning Skills
  5. Expand Your Vocabulary by Reading More
  6. Reading Helps to Reduces Stress and Relax
  7. Reading Improves Focus
  8. Your Writing Improves When You Read More
  9. Reading is One of The Oldest and Most Effective Forms of Entertainment
  10. Reading Exposes You to New Ways of Thinking and Living