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Art and Techology Exhibition Photos

The Art and Technology Departments held their final Art and Technology Exhibition last week.

A terrific crowd came along to view a high level of skill and quality from selected student’s artworks.

Voting was open to Teachers and Parents on the night, and here are the results…drum roll please…

Teachers Selection

Wood Technology
Hayden King 10.7
Josh 9.5
Caitlyn Mollison 8.1
Patrick Chen 7.1
Kiara Gilbert 9.5
Abby Farrell 7.1
Tegan Hyland 10.2
Georgia Murphy 9.5
Rebecca Cesista 8.1
Elina Cole 7.1

Parent Choice Awards

Wood Technology
Josh 10.7
Hayden King 9.5
Rhiannon Cuthbert 8.1
Jade Gilbert 7.1
Kiara Gilbert 9.5
Antonia Girvasi-Eade 7.3
Amina 10.6
Jemma Peterson 9.6
Teagan 8.5
Elina Cole 7.1

Photos from the exhibition taken by students Hayden and Callum are displayed below.