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Cannibal Creek Landcare Group – Excursion Two

Our Year 11 Environmental Science and Year 7 & 8 PACT students spent time helping volunteers from the Cannibal Creek Landcare Group – planting over 200 trees on another property that was heavily impacted by the bushfires of 2019/2020.

The property has recently been acquired by Gumbaya Park and our volunteer work is helping to establish a large corridor of native trees that will be used for feeding Koalas kept at Gumbaya Park.

We planted Eucalyptus species that are the preferred diet of Southern Koala populations: Swamp gum, Manna Gum, Black Peppermint, Mountain Grey Gum.

In the afternoon the Head Animal Keeper at Gumbaya Park provided us with a BBQ lunch and free access to Gumbaya Park’s animal enclosures. All of our students thoroughly enjoyed the day, despite the wet weather!

Allison Barrie
General Science
VCAL Numeracy, PDS
Environmental Science
Applied Learning KLA Leader