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The Clothesline Project is spreading across the College

The Clothesline Project was created to bring awareness to the issue of violence against women men and children.

For those who have been affected by violence, it is a means of expressing their emotions by decorating a t-shirt. After the shirts have been decorated, they are hung on a clothesline display. The intention of the display is to honor survivors and act as a memorial for victims. It is also intended to aid in the healing process for those who were directly affected and those who have lost someone special to violence. Lastly, the clothesline display is to educate society and promote awareness, as well as to document violent crimes against women.

On Monday the 16th of October, year 11 Pakenham Secondary College VCAL students had done the clothesline project with Shannon and Cindy Lee from clothesline. The classes together were taught on what family violence is and what it can lead to, the clothesline project can help people speak out when they are in a tough time. The clothesline project came to Pakenham Secondary College to teach students on how to speak out by not only using voice but words on a shirt to speak out and stand against violence. The project had originated in Hyannis 1990 when members of Cape Cod’s Women Defence Agenda learned that during the same time 58,000 soldiers were killed in the Vietnam War, 51,000 US Women were killed by the men who claimed to love them, the shirts were created in honour of those women who were killed by the loved ones during the Vietnam war.

As well as having Shannon and Cindy Lee from clothesline project come in and speak to the students about family violence, they also brought in a bunch of plain shirts for the students to design their own using bright colour markers, some of the students came up with strong and powerful words here are some examples of what was said, ‘STAND TOGETHER AND STOP FAMILY VIOLENCE’, ‘STAND SRONG TOGETHER AND STOP FAMILY VIOLENCE’, ‘DON’T STAY QUITE, USE YOUR VOICE AND STOP FAMILY VIOLENCE’ (With kids help line number on the shirt as well). All the students came up with these words to tell people who are experiencing family violence that we are all here to support them and that they are not alone that there are people out there that care for them and their family.

Written by Year 11 students.

Stay tuned as we continue to share the spread of ‘Clotheslines’ across the College.