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Cop Camp

Lucky Years 10.5 and 10.7. They are participating in a program called ‘Cop Camp’ where for 8 weeks they get to participate in a fitness program, following the specific requirements to become a Victorian Police member.

Students also get the opportunity to use the ‘Police Fit App’ which can be used as a tool to access training programs and nutritional information.
The program is run by Victoria Police in conjunction with past student Alana Zubcic, founder and owner of @CardiniaCrossFit.
Focussing directly in response to community concerns about youth anti-social behaviour, the program has multiple goals, primarily to utilise development through sport/fitness to promote connection between youth and police and thereby attempt to reduce youth antisocial behaviour and future negative interaction with local police. The program will also promote the opportunity and provide pathways for students to consider a career in the police force, through early connection with police in a positive program, mentorship and direction to relevant courses, training and/or community work that may facilitate achieving this goal.