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Covid-19 Update

Rapid Antigen Tests

  • Staff and students are asked to undertake rapid antigen tests at home twice a week. It is recommended that these tests be carried out on Sunday and Wednesday.
  • Tests were distributed to students on Monday, 14th February.
  • Information about how to do a test, including a how-to video translated into 33 languages, is available online

Confirmed Cases of Covid-19

  • If a student tests positive to COVID-19 (via a PCR or rapid antigen test), parents/carers should complete the form on the Department of Health system  or via the coronavirus hotline on 1800 675 398.
  • Students (or their parents/carers) must also report a positive result to the school, either through the VicEd COVID portal or by phone on 5945 1433 or written notification; this is to ensure the school can support the student, record that they will be absent while in 7 day isolation, and let the rest of the school community know there has been a positive case onsite and that they should monitor for symptoms.
  • Students who report a positive result must isolate for seven days and not attend school during that period.
  • Where a student is a household contact of a positive case (that is, they have spent more than four hours with someone who has COVID-19 inside a house, accommodation, or care facility), they must inform the school and isolate for seven days and not attend school during that period.
  • Students are to refrain from returning to school if they remain symptomatic, unless it is known that their symptoms are caused by an underlying health condition or medication.

Face Masks

  • Parents/carers are reminded that students are to bring their own masks to school. Students must wear a face mask indoors at school, unless a lawful exception applies. Students must wear face masks even if they are vaccinated.
  • Students are not required to wear masks outside.
  • Visitors to the school aged 8 and above must wear a face mask in all indoor spaces, unless a lawful exception applies.
  • A face mask must cover the nose and mouth. Face shields, scarves or bandanas do not meet these requirements.

Vaccination requirements for parents, carers and other visitors to the school

  • All parents, carers and other visitors attending schools, including for drop off and pick up must adhere to physical distancing, density limits and face mask requirements.
  • Parents, carers and other adult visitors attending school sites for drop-off and pick-up who do not enter school buildings do not need to comply with vaccination requirements.
  • Parents, carers and other adult visitors who enter school buildings must check in using the QR code and the school must sight vaccination information; 2 doses of COVID-19 vaccine or a valid medical exception is necessary, with the following limited exceptions:
    • when attending to administer medical treatment to their own child when the treatment cannot be administered by the school
    • when attending to collect their child who is unwell and cannot leave the school building unaccompanied by their parent/carer
    • when attending for a momentary period that does not involve any sustained contact with staff or students, for example, to collect a completed art project or similar.
  • When parents and carers do not meet vaccination requirements, the school will hold meetings and other discussions (such as Student Support Group meetings) virtually.