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French Day is Approaching

Bonjour to all of our French students and families within our wonderful multicultural community of Pakenham Secondary College! We look forward to sharing an exciting, learning journey with you throughout Semester 2.

Vive La FranceOur long anticipated French Day 2018 will take place between periods one to four on Friday 24th August. This year, we will be treated to the wonderful Vive La France Theatre performers, French cooking classes and even an opportunity to participate in drama games linked to famous French notables from history!

crepesIn addition, students will also have an opportunity to build their understanding of how French students spend their day at school and experience popular leisure activities that include music and sport festivals. Moreover, students will be immersed in the French language as they further develop their appreciation of French culture and the value of intercultural appreciation throughout our diverse cultural community.

French Day couldn’t happen without our popular crepes. The popular pop-up French créperie will be selling $5.00 crepes at recess and lunchtime. Please remember to say “Bonjour” to Mademoiselle Marion and Katrien.



Event Date: August 24, 2018