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A young man holds a dark can of spray paint close to a blue wall to sketch his graffiti.

Graffiti Education & Life Skills for Year 8s

On 4th May, our Year 8 students will be attending an incursion from Warner Education.

The “Graffiti Education & Life Skills” is a fast paced, dynamic program which uses humour and role playing to portray key messages. The program addresses the drivers behind inappropriate social behaviour, incorporating themes of self-esteem, developing resilience and how to manage negative peer influence.

During the presentation students learn about:
Legislation and definitions – including the difference between street or urban art and graffiti/tagging
Impacts and consequences – from perpetrator, victim and community perspectives
Emotional and social motives – behind not only graffiti but other anti-social behaviours and the pitfalls of developing bad habits

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Event Date: May 4, 2017