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They did it again…heading to State Finals.

Pakenham Secondary College put on a spectacular performance at Chairo Christian College Regional Chess tournament. The path to glory wasn’t an easy one though. In the Middle Years division 102 players from nine schools battled for seven rounds, with the winner being decided only in the last one.

Pakenham took gold, with Corey Smerdon, Matthew Blanco, Sterling Stuski and Fabian Bonaudi scoring 5 wins. Danien Kho and Hayden King remained undefeated with 6.5 and 7 wins respectively.

Lavalla Catholic finished 2nd, Huntingtower 3rd.

The team has now qualified for State Finals in the MY division, which will be played in October.

In the Open Secondary division Tye Xu (5 wins), Victoria Hendrick (5), Sibtain Azeem (5), Amina Hussaini (5) received the silver medals for their efforts, with Lavalla claiming gold and the hosts finishing in third place.

Our players won individual awards:

  • Hayden King – Gold medal for best overall performance in Middle Years
  • Danien Kho – Silver medal for best overall performance in Middle Years
  • Victoria Hendrik- Best Female in Open Secondary
  • Elina Cole- Best Female in Middle Years
  • Sibtain Azeem- Most improved performance overall

The hard work of our students paid off by qualifying to all top state tournaments this year. The Middle Years team will compete in the State Finals on the 26th of October and the Open Secondary Team will compete on the 15th of September. The Girls team will also be competing in the All Girls State Finals on the 20th of October.

Special thanks to Dean Owens for providing us with a good venue in the Year 7 Centre to train and build for the future champions.


Headline picture from left to right:
back: Tye Xu, Matthew Blanco, Hayden King, Sibtain Azeem, Danien Kho, Fabian Bonaudi.
front: Corey Smerdon, Sterling Stuski, Elina Cole, Amina Hussaini, Victoria Hendrick.

Official results

Official results


Pakenham Secondary College Chess Master in action.

Pakenham Secondary College Chess Master in action. 7 out of 7…we are so proud of you Hayden.


Over 100 chess players participated

Over 100 chess players participated


Proud Medalists

Proud Medalists