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Important School Bus Traveller Information

The Pakenham School Bus Network has a reputation of being a well-run network.  This is a credit to all involved.  In the interests of student safety and to be compliant with the School Bus Program policy requirements, we need to ensure that all bus travellers have current School Bus Management System bus passes.

As a mandatory requirement these passes must be produced to the driver upon entry of the vehicle as verification that students are approved to travel on the bus.  Bus drivers will accept any unauthorised students who present at a bus stop in the morning, and will report unauthorised passengers to Pakenham Secondary College once the bus arrives at school.  Where an unauthorised passenger is from a client school, Pakenham Secondary College will contact the client school principal and inform them that the unauthorised passenger is not permitted on the afternoon bus service.  The client school principal must inform the unauthorised passenger’s parents/guardians that their child is not permitted on the afternoon service and that they have responsibility for organising their child’s transport home.

Students presenting at the bus in the afternoon without a current bus pass will be unable to travel. Continued unauthorised student passengers are to be reported by the bus operator to Pakenham Secondary College, PTV and STU (Department of Education and Training) for investigation and prompt resolution.

Please log onto the School Bus Management System via if you require a bus pass or need a replacement one.  A temporary bus pass can also be printed off and shown to the driver whilst waiting for a permanent (plastic) bus pass.

This process will be enforced as of Monday 30th July.

Thank you all for your continued support.

Ray Squires, Coordinating Principal

Jackie Stewart, Regional Bus Coordinator