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A Journey into the Microscopic Metropolis of Soil.

It’s Science Week and students were in for a treat.

The team from Scale Free Network, Briony Barr and Dr. Gregory Crocetti took students into a world many had not ever seen… under the microscope!

Part laboratory, part studio, this workshop introduced students to the mysterious and biodiverse underworld that is soil: the under-appreciated micro-polis beneath our feet, on which the world’s food systems depend.

The lucky participating students learnt more about these underground communities, the vast fungal webs that connect plants to the soil and how we can work in a more caring partnership with the microbial friends who help us eat well.



Through this immersive experience, collaborative drawing and observation through the microscope, art-science collaborative Scale Free Network playfully brought this invisible world to life, re-framing soil health from the perspective of microorganisms.

Student testimonials…

‘I learnt so much with this. I am so glad we had this amazing opportunity. Thank you!’

‘I loved the drawing aspect of the incursion because it was fun and interesting. I also liked using the microscopes to see what everything really looks like.’

‘I learnt so much over these few sessions. I really liked looking through the microscope and identifying all the creatures.’

‘I liked the drawing and using microscope. Learnt that plants and insects work together and learnt a lot about soil animals.’

The facilitators read a few books with students which are now available in the library thanks to their generous donation.

The books can also be found at and