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Second Place in Chess Nationals

They have trained hard all year. Teachers and chess mentors Mr Sergio De Lima and Mr Christian Ampongan were always ready to guide and encourage at every recess and lunchtime. Students consistently practised with different opponents to learn strategy and develop skill. Following several qualifying tournaments, the All Girls Chess team were on their way to The University of Melbourne on Monday for the two day Chess Nationals. The best…

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End of Year Concert…WOW!

Wow, so much talent at our end of year concert! ⁠ ⁠ Last week, the Y9 Elective and Instrumental Music students performed for family and friends and they didn’t disappoint. Well done. We were mesmerized!⁠ Here are some of the pictures taken at the event. (Videos further down)   We are delighted to share the videos captured on the night.        

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College Food Trail and Harvest Lunch Celebration

Last Thursday the College was in full celebration The implementation this year of the ‘Pick My Project: Pakenham Community School Farm and Food Project’ has had tremendous impact across many areas of the College curriculum. Students involved in various parts of this learning experience today proudly hosted the ‘College Food Trail and Harvest Lunch Celebration’. And what a celebration it was! Students were proud to showcase their involvement in the…

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Valedictory Dinner Class of 2019

What an evening! So many accomplishments to celebrate, everyone looked amazing and dinner was delicious. Congratulations Class of 2019. Award Recipients Health and Human Development – Grace Brown & Elayne Schneider History – Aleksandra Tomic & Siniva Setu Informatics – Kaleb Overmars & Marie Matthews Legal Studies – Rhiannon Croaker & Siniva Setu Literacy – Chiara Hocking & Jayden Cant Literacy – Brock Callaghan-Height & Mitchell Sheard Maths Methods – Jenna…

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brad luka

The Mullet is Coming Off

Two years ago Vice Captain Brad Luka lost his Great Grandpa to the horrible disease of dementia. This had a huge impact on him and his family. Brad wanted to do something, so next month he is cutting his beloved mullet off 😲 to raise money for Dementia Australia research. Please get on board and help raise as much money as possible to find a cure for this horrible disease. 😍 Donate here:…

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Cop Camp

Lucky Years 10.5 and 10.7. They are participating in a program called ‘Cop Camp’ where for 8 weeks they get to participate in a fitness program, following the specific requirements to become a Victorian Police member. Students also get the opportunity to use the ‘Police Fit App’ which can be used as a tool to access training programs and nutritional information. The program is run by Victoria Police in conjunction with…

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What does 3.5 millions words look like? Just like Year 7.5.

The Read a Million Words or More Reading Challenge has finished with the winning class reading over 3.5 million words. The winning class had also borrowed the most books from the school library over the Reading Challenge competition.   Congratulations to Year 7.5 students and their encouraging teacher Ms Cathy Migale. The totals for the final 6 classes were as follows: Class 7.5  Total 3,587,000 words Top readers special mention to…

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A Journey into the Microscopic Metropolis of Soil.

It’s Science Week and students were in for a treat. The team from Scale Free Network, Briony Barr and Dr. Gregory Crocetti took students into a world many had not ever seen… under the microscope! Part laboratory, part studio, this workshop introduced students to the mysterious and biodiverse underworld that is soil: the under-appreciated micro-polis beneath our feet, on which the world’s food systems depend. The lucky participating students learnt…

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