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A leadership task with purpose

A group of year 10s have been working with Access Monash and teacher Ms Scheiwiller on a leadership task.

The transition from school to university can be challenging. The Access Monash Mentoring Program pairs VCE students from under-represented schools with experienced and engaged Monash University students.

Our students, with the support of Access Monash mentors, have chosen to create an anti smoking campaign.

For this campaign, they developed a series of posters that have been placed throughout the school showing the impacts of smoking.

In conjunction with this project, the Laryngectomy Association will be presenting to Year 9 students next Wednesday, showing the impact of smoking and the services available to help quit the habit.

Students can also see the College Doctor or nurse to receive further advise on this.

In our typical College way, students decided to give back to the community by raising funds in support of the Laryngectomy Association.

Students are running a competition that involves guessing the value of the hamper.

The amazing hamper includes Rebel Sport, PlayStation and movie vouchers!

Closest guess to the nearest cent will be announced on the College social media on Monday.

Guesses can be purchased from the library Thursday and Friday this week for $2 each or 3 guesses for $5.