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Newsletter 12 October 2016

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Principal’s Report

Ray Squires

Planning for 2017 is now well under way. Our course counsellors are working with students in Years 10 and 11 in order to select their course for 2017. This is an important part of the planning process as we begin to confirm what classes we will run next year. Students who have not selected their course should do so as a matter of urgency.

Throughout the year there is a team of people who take responsibility for the production of the School Magazine. The magazine is distributed to all students and their families at the end of the year and includes a number of items, including student work and photographs of student participating in various events that have occurred throughout the school year.
If you do not want your child’s work or photograph displayed in the magazine can you please contact Jackie Stewart at the school on 5945 1433 so that this information can be recorded and acted on.

Reports are currently available on Compass for all parents to access. They provide important feedback on each student’s progress and I encourage all families to take the opportunity to discuss with their child the progress they have made during Semester 1.
Families have already been sent access details for Compass. Please contact the office on 5945 1433 if you require support in accessing the program.
Pupil free day – Term 4
Parents should note that the next School Council sanctioned Pupil Free Day is scheduled for Friday, November 25th.

Over the last decade significant changes have occurred in the way information and communication technologies (ICT) have been used, as a way of supporting each child’s learning experience. A contemporary learning experience now very much involves the use of ICT. This has developed further as:
• Curriculum, pedagogy and assessment become more reliant on ICT.
• Teachers have become more confident in the use of ICT in the classroom.
• Students and parents expect more in terms of the use of ICT.
• Text books become increasingly available in ebook form.
• There has been an increase in the number of resources that are available on-line.
As a school, we are committed to providing each child with a learning experience that enables them to build a pathway to their future.  This is underpinned by the fact that our learners are 21st Century students and, as a contemporary school, we need to ensure access to a 21st Century learning experience.  The common view is that students need to have their own computer and that this computer is something the child should bring to and from school.

Over the last two years Pakenham Secondary College has been phasing in its “Bring Your Own Device” program.  From 2017 it is expected that all students across Years 7 -12 will have access to a Netbook.  For the majority of students this has involved purchasing a Netbook from our nominated supplier while others have chosen to bring an existing device from home.

Laptops are used to facilitate learning by allowing students to:

  • Access and submit Learning Tasks through Compass
  • Access, use, create and publish digital and online information
  • Develop knowledge, understanding and skills through creativity, critical thinking and problem solving
  • Collaborate with others
  • Use the laptops as a tool to manage their work and learning
  • Develop age-appropriate ICT skills, including the responsibilities of online citizenship
  • Accept responsibility for their personal actions when using ICT and for the care of their laptop.

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Technology Art Exhibition

On Thursday the 28th of July the school presented an exhibition of Technology and Art students’ work from Years 7 to 10. The night was a great success with over 115 people attending. Parents were able to vote for their favourite work. Teachers also elected work they thought was outstanding.
The following is a list of award winners. Pakenham Secondary College congratulates them on their hard work.

Art Awards

Parent Selection Teacher Selection
Emily Jones – Year 8 3D Art

Monique McKay – Year 9 Creative Art

Chloe Newton – Year 10 Creative Art

Emily Jones – Year 8 3D Art

Dylan Liebe  – Year 9 Creative Art

Chloe Newton – Year 10 Creative Art

Wood Technology Awards

Parent Selection Teacher Selection
Mitchell Cashen – 10.2

Victoria Hendrick – 9.2

Shianne Frost – 8.1

Maria Valdez – 7.3

Cameron Dutton – 10.4

Dhari Stadnikov – 9.5

Natalya Le Fleur – 8.1

Mia Riddington – 7.3

Textiles Awards

Parent Selection Teacher Selection
Chloe Watters – 10.7

Elayne Schneider – 9.7

Kiara Gilbert – 8.4

Rhiannon Soun – 7.3

Brooke Hyland – 10.7

Catherine Brennan – 9.1

Yven Cole – 8.4

Aleisha-Ravyn Pattison – 7.3

Robert Sartain
Arts Co-ordinator

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