A Platform to their Future

rayI am very proud of the role the school plays in shaping the lives of the young people who attend our College. Our moral purpose is based on the understanding that education is a resource that supports each child in achieving a productive pathway beyond secondary school.

However, while our teachers will support every child to be successful, there is a strong correlation between student success and effort. I urge all students to give themselves the best chance to succeed by ensuring they attend school every day and complete all set work. Each child relies on the support of parents as well as some gentle “nagging” to make sure each of the learning tasks are completed and as teachers, we value that support. With effort, comes success. Each of our students are building a platform to their future. A future that is directly to the level of education they attain.

The second half of this term represents a busy time for the College. Students need to ensure that they are up to date with their work, while the senior end of the school is also preparing for end of Semester exams. Teachers are preparing to write end of semester reports, and a report-writing day is scheduled for Friday, June 15 and, as such, students will not be required at school on that day.

Feedback from parents has meant that end of semester reports are somewhat different to previous years. Our aim is to make them easier to read while at the same time provide parents with the feedback they need regarding their child’s progress. Parents should note that reports are no longer mailed and can be accessed using COMPASS. Please contact the school, if you find that you cannot access your child’s reports or are having trouble, accessing Compass.

Ray Squires

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Important Dates Coming UpiStock-688583504

Mon 14th May – Year 10 Marvel Avengers Experience at Quantum Victoria
Mon 14th May – Year 9 and 10 Girls Netball Cardinia Round Robin Tournament
Tue 15th May – Naplan testing until Thursday 17th May
Tue 15th May – Year 11 VCAL Group Cohesion
Tue 15th May – Year 8 Enhancement Class visit to The 4Cs
Tue 15th May – INCURSION: The Perceptions Program with Cardinia Shire Youth Services
Fri 17th May – Year 10 National Gallery of Victoria
Tue 22nd May  – Careers Expo
Tue 22nd May  – Year 7-12 Division Cross Country
Tue 22nd May  – INCURSION: The Perceptions Program with Cardinia Shire Youth Services
Thu 24th May – Year 10 Jewish Holocaust Centre
REMINDER: Signed excursion forms must be returned prior to excursion date.
Calendar updates can be found on Compass.

Holocaust Museum: Student Reflections

On May 2nd, three Year 10 classes travelled to the Jewish Holocaust Museum in Elsternwick. They were shown an introductory documentary and given a talk about the background to the Holocaust. They then listened to “John” who had to be hidden in the French Alps by his Jewish relatives to keep him safe. Sadly, his mother and sister were both murdered in Auschwitz. It was a moving experience to listen to his first-hand testimony.

The following is a reflection on the Museum excursion by Year 10 student Lauren Goldsack-Castell.

“I learnt that when Jewish orphans were being kept hidden from the German government, some people would feed them candy to keep then quite. I also learnt that if you went to a German school and you were a Jew you were not allowed to use the restroom because you were circumcised.  

The Holocaust Museum is extremely valuable to me due to the fact that I had the opportunity to meet a Holocaust survivor, to tell me what is was like to live through the horrific times of the Holocaust.  The artefacts and clothing made the Holocaust become reality more than just something written in a history book.

The reason that we need places like the Holocaust Museum so history doesn’t repeat itself. So, if there is ever a man or woman like Hitler, they will know what storm is to come and they will be able to prevent the storm before is starts.”

Outstanding Behaviour

The lead staff member at the Museum told our teachers at the end of the excursion that the students’ behaviour and interest was “outstanding” so they were all a credit to our school. Our thanks also for Jay Patterson for organizing the day for our Year 10s.

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Food Security Project4.jpgUsing the Pythagoras Theorem in Environmental Science

On the last edition of our newsletter we shared with you the great work of The Food Security Project at Pakenham Secondary College.

This project complements the VCE Environmental Science Unit 1 course undertaken by VCAL students by providing hands-on application of student learning about soils, nutrient cycles, food chains and food webs, the hydrosphere, environmental sustainability, composting and farming organically. The project also draws on other subject disciplines, namely mathematics and literacy.

The fresh organically grown vegetables from the garden will be donated to our local food charity “The four C’s”.Food Security Project

It is our vision that this project will be continued by other students at Pakenham Secondary College into the future, using the garden beds that we have built and expanding the scope of this project by building more vegetable garden beds, learning how to grow food and helping to serve our local community.

The project so far has completed the following stages:

  1. Getting started
  1. Site assessment
  1. Site planning and measurement
  1. Building the garden beds

Here is a great example on using multiple disciplines in the one project. The Pythagoras Theorem, the 30-40-50 rule, were used to make sure that our rectangular beds were constructed square to the existing Dome building.

  1. Planting the seedlings and protecting them
  1. Mulching and fertilising


To spread the excitement around this project, the shared learnings will be presented to sub-school assemblies during the year.


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Wildlife Victoria Project

A big thank you to the generous donors who have come up with an abundance of fabric.
The project is now underway.
For more information about the work of Wildlife Victoria, head over to their website: https://www.wildlifevictoria.org.au/

65 Roses On Again

Only Two Days Left To Place Your Order

65 Roses is Cystic Fibrosis’ national fundraising initiative. It raises awareness and essential funds to extend and improve the quality of life for people with cystic fibrosis.

PSC has been an active campaigner for the last several years, join us and support this worthy cause with your purchase of beautiful roses.

Red, yellow and purple short stemmed roses are available at $2 each.

Red (love), yellow (thank you) and purple (friendship) short stemmed roses will be available at $2 each.

Order before Wednesday 16th May for delivery on Thursday 24th May.

Download your order form here. Remember to bring your order with exact change.

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College Clubs

ART CLUB – Wednesday at recess and lunchtime – Room B16
BREAKFAST CLUB – Every day before school – Food Tech Building
CHESS CLUB – Everyday at recess and lunchtime – Year 7 Centre
CHOIR – Every Monday lunchtime and Thursday recess – Music Room
GAMES CLUB – Every Wednesday lunchtime – Four Square area
HOMEWORK CLUB – Every Thursday after school until 4:30pm – Library
SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY CLUB – Every Thursday lunchtime – Room B2 – Contact Mr Lim for more info.



What Happens at Science and Technology Club? IMG20180510133123

The Science and Technology Club has been set up this year to give students the opportunity to be immersed in anything related to Science and Technology while completing projects.

In Term 1, we disassembled computers to identify computer parts and how they are put together.800

This term, we are learning about microprocessors and coding, which can be used in projects to build things like a fingerprint-recognition system, a LED display board, control for robots and many more.

Besides the projects, we also enjoy discussing the latest movies, YouTube clips, news about the latest discoveries in Science and computer games.

Come along and tell us what you would like to be working on next term.

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 Beyond The College29132973_1476381432488905_4026737985545306112_n

We love to celebrate student’s achievements inside and outside the College. So if your child has done something special, let us know, so we all can celebrate together.

Send us a message through the College Facebook page.


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After School Dance Programgeorgia-de-lotz-625012-unsplash

Held in the gym every Friday afternoon between 3:30 and 4:30pm.

Consent forms for participation are available from the office.

Come along for a trial.



Dr Ferghal Armstrong FRACGP

Doctors in SchoolsDr Ferdousi Akter

Did you know we have a Doctor’s office on site?
Dr Ferghal or Dr Akter and Nurse Meagan are at the College every Thursday from 9:30am – 1:30pm – students just need to come to the Log Cabin to get the forms for the clinic or pre-download them here form 1 and form 2

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Missed Immunisations?

Teenage boy getting vaccination in his armThe onsite doctor and nurse can update your child’s immunisation. They are available every Thursday from 9:30am – 1:30pm – Book through the wellbeing team at the Log Cabin

ATTENTION: Koorie Students aged 16 years and over can have an additional influenza immunisation free of charge.