Principal’s Message

Ray Squires

We are now approaching the final part of the academic year with students in a number of year levels undertaking exams throughout this month.  It is important that they remain focused and attend.  We need to make every day count and ensure that students continue to apply themselves, complete set tasks, and actively participate in the learning opportunities with which they are presented.  Work undertaken now helps to build the foundation for the 2018 academic year.

I would like to take this opportunity to publicly congratulate our Year 12 students on the manner in which they conducted themselves throughout the year.  Their work ethic and commitment to their schooling is a credit to them.  They are currently undertaking exams and we look forward to seeing their results later in the year.

The Valedictory Dinner will be held at the Pakenham Racing Club Tynong this evening and will provide the College with the opportunity to formally recognise the achievements of our graduates in completing thirteen years of schooling.

I would greatly appreciate it if parents would contact the school as soon as possible once they know their child is not returning to Pakenham Secondary College in 2018. This helps significantly in our planning of staff and budgets for next year.


I would like to remind people that a Pupil Free Day is scheduled for Friday, December 1st.  No students will be required at school on that day.

Students Entering Years 8 – 11 next year will begin the 2018 academic year on Monday, December 4 as part of our “Headstart” program.  This will involve classes running for the ensuing two weeks covering work that is part of next year’s curriculum.  

It should be noted that the Year 11 students moving into Year 12 will finish on Friday, November 24.  They will begin their 2018 program on Monday, November 20th.  It is important that students attend at this time.  

The week beginning Monday December 18th will see the school run a variety of alternative activities.

The final day for students is Friday, December 22nd.  They will be dismissed at 1.30pm.

Parents should note that for the start of the 2018 school year, teachers will resume on Monday, January 29th while the first day for students will be Wednesday, January 31st.  

Ray Squires


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Introducing our 2018 Student Leadership Team 

Following a thorough selection process involving written applications and interviews, we are proud to announce the 2018 Pakenham Secondary College Student Leadership team. Congratulations!

School Captains, Vice Captains and SLC President

School Captains –
Olivia Butler & Mehdi Ahmadi

2018 School Captains: Mehdi Ahmadi and Olivia Butler

2018 School Captains: Mehdi Ahmadi and Olivia Butler

Vice Captains –
Brooke Hyland & Lazarus Wani Farajala

2018 School Vice Captains: Brooke Hyland and Lazarus Wani Farajala

2018 School Vice Captains: Brooke Hyland and Lazarus Wani Farajala

SLC President –
Sarah McDougal

2018 School Leadership Council President: Sarah McDougal

2018 School Leadership Council President: Sarah McDougal

House Captains and Vice Captains 2018

Thank you to all who applied and congratulations to the successful recipients.



Abbey Luttrell (C)

 Brodie Piper (VC)


Kira Ashby (C)

Chloe Watters (VC)


Euan Poulton (C)

Haiden Eades (VC)


Raquel Graham-Tera (C)

Taylah Andrew (VC)


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Middle School Update

The class of 8.1 went on a fun but informative excursion about youth homelessness which was run by the Salvation Army in the CBD. The excursion consisted of some activities inside the Salvation Army educational centre and outside in some popular areas for the homeless. Some of the activities 8.1 participated in were brain storming of characteristics of a homeless person and a fun game called “but why?.” In the game “but why?” people were separated into groups and given a statement, then they would ask themselves “but why?” to expand on the statement and explore the issue in more depth; for example, one statement read “A fourteen year old begged for money even though she had new shoes”.

iStock-510211396In the latter half of the session, the facilitator Anthony took us on a tour around Melbourne CBD to show us where the homeless people would ‘sleep rough’. Anthony revealed some confronting background stories of individuals who had struggled greatly in their early life. This helped us to understand what causes homelessness, and even further, helped us to break down the stereotypical image of what a homeless person looks like.

The class of 8.1 has also participated in the 4C’s program every Tuesday of Term Two and Four. While at 4C’s, the students would help to package foods such as oats, flour and sugar. The students also prepared garlic bread and packaged nappies to assist the disadvantaged population in Pakenham. We have learned about the hardships of poverty-stricken people throughout the course of the year, and we are very grateful for our experiences.

By Amelia and Aleisha PATTISON

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Subject Update


Term 4 English

Key Dates

  1. Year 11 VCE and VCAL students will be commencing Head Start activities from 20th to 30th Year 12 VCE students are encouraged to purchase the print texts required for 2018 so that they can complete initial reading over the holidays. These texts are; The Lieutenant, Year of Wonders and The Crucible. Students will be expected to complete set tasks on The Lieutenant over the school holidays.
  2. Year 10 Exams will be held between 27th to 30th Please encourage your child to revise for the exams by reading the texts, Montana 1948 and To Kill A Mockingbird.


Maths this term has been extremely busy with assessments and exams being scheduled for most of November! We started off at the end of October with Senior VCAL Numeracy students submitting their final assessments to complete their outcomes. The Further Maths students followed with 2 exams completed in the first week of November. Finally, Year 12 Maths exams finished with Maths Methods students completing their two exams on the 9th of November. All these students should be commended for their efforts in preparing their bound resource books and giving each exam their best effort. Year 11 students followed with both General Maths and Methods exam now complete. Following the Year 12 students example, the Year 11’s came prepared with bound reference books in hand, and gave their personal best on the exams. Well done to all students in Year 11 and 12 for officially completing Maths this year, your efforts have been outstanding!

To the Year 10’s who are about to embark on their Maths exam I have the following tips:

Exam tip 1: Make sure your bound resource book is clear and prepared before your exam begins

Exam tip 2: Use feedback from your topic tests to guide you through your revision

Exam tip 3: Attempt every question! It’s not always about getting the correct answer, but how you got there counts too!

Exam tip 4: Pick your mathematical strength for extended response!

Exam tip 5: Try YOUR personal best, you have worked diligently this semester and this is your chance to show off all your hard work!


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Uniform Update

2018 Makes the crispy white shirt a compulsory part of our College uniform.

For the full list of uniform items and uniform shop opening hours you can click here.


Don’t they look smart?
So if you have any green polo tops in your wardrobe, be sure to wear them this term as they will not be allowed in 2018.

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 Club News

Homework Club

Homework Club

All students are welcome to attend homework club every Thursday afternoon in the library until 4:30pm. Students will be able to get help from many teachers and will also have access to computers if need be.

All students are welcome.



Breakfast Club

Toast, breakfast cereal, milk and Milo will be provided Monday to Friday between 8:15am and 8:45am, near the canteen.

The bread is kindly donated by Bakers Delight each week.