Principal’s Message

Ray Squires Xmas 2017This is our final Newsletter for 2017. I would like to thank parents and the general community for their on-going support of our College. It has been a very exciting year with a lot achieved. At Pakenham Secondary College, schooling has always been about creating a learning environment that is based on promoting academic excellence in order to build pathways for students as they transition to a program beyond secondary school. The students of today have a lot of potential. It is our responsibility to help build their capacity to be quality citizens who have a positive impact on the community.

Valedictory Dinner
We farewelled our Year 12 students at their Valedictory Dinner on November 17. As a school, we wish them all the best as they enter the next phase of their lives.

VCE Results
We are very proud of what the students have achieved. It’s great to see how the hard work of both the teaching staff and students has helped  achieve the terrific results of this year.

Start of 2018
As we move into 2018, I remind parents that the first day for students next year is Wednesday, January 31. The office will reopen on Wednesday January 24.

It is important that all students are properly prepared for the new academic year. Parents need to ensure that students attend the first day of school in correct uniform and have all of the required textbook and workbooks.

On behalf of everyone who works at the school I would like to wish all parents and students the very best for the upcoming festive season and hope that all families have a relaxing and safe holiday.

Ray Squires


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Important Dates 2018iStock-688583504

College Office Opens – Wednesday, 24th January
School Starts – Wednesday, 31st January
Swimming Carnival – Tuesday, 20th February
School Athletics – Thursday, 20th March
Calendar updates can be found on this link on the College Website or Compass.

Art and Technology ExhibitionIMG_1955

In case you missed it, follow this link to the College website.




Uniform Update

2018 Makes the crispy white shirt a compulsory part of our College uniform.

For the full list of uniform items and uniform shop opening hours you can click here.


Don’t they look smart?
So if you have any green polo tops in your wardrobe, be sure to wear them this term as they will not be allowed in 2018.

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Sub-school Awards

The College would like to congratulate the following students from Middle School who received Academic and Attitude and Effort awards Semester Two. These students displayed outstanding effort and commitment to their learning throughout the semester. We would also like to congratulate students receiving SOAR Awards (for consistently displaying the College SOAR values) in Term Four. It is a pleasure to acknowledge their success and present them with certificates.


Academic Awards

Year 8: Lucy Addicoat, Piper Appleby, Olivia Baxter, Rebecca Cesista, Rhiannon Cuthbert, Maddison Falkingham, Nicole Komiti, Eliza Van Lieshout, Aleisha Pattison, Amelia Pattison, Jackson Pitts, Caroline Vaimoa-Alaimalo, Maria Veldez, Codey Whalley, Bradley Yeo, Cate Zeminuk.

Year 9: Muhammad (Sibtain) Azeem, Mitchell Dupuy, Celeste Kennedy-Ford, Lauren Goldsack-Castell, Thomas Otten, Jason Roberts, Kathleen Robson, Taylah Shirley.

Year 10: Daiana Canavate-Tisnes, Jenna Douglas, Dia Estrada, Nyanthac Gai, Oscar Hill, Tegen Hyland, Daniel Kho, Ashlie McKnight, Kim Rueda, Dhari Stadnikov, Karlee Weir.

Attitude and Effort Awards

Year 8: Matheo Aorhakajl, Marcus Brennan, Alexis Canavate-Tisnes,Samantha Darvell,Maddison Falkingham, Phoebe Gerin, Evan Ibrahim, Nicole Komiti,  Jasmina Mates, CaitlynMollison, Emily Seears, Caroline Vaimoa-Alaimalo, Maria Veldez, Codey Whalley, Cate Zeminuk.

Year 9: Timothy Baxter, Dylan Bos, Katelyn Graham, Sarah Hampton, Fahad Idrees, Maddison Norton, Thomas Otten, Naomi Ryder.

Year 10: Tanika Benis, Jesse Bondarcev, Daiana Canavate-Tisnes, Lucy Carvell,  Matthew Claudius, Rhiannon Croaker, Dia Estrada, Ashley Holt, Megan Marshall, Oskar Miles, Shauna O’Donnell, Josh Page, Natasha Serdzeff, Aydan Smith-Spiteri, Elayne Schneider.

SOAR Awards

Year 8: Piper Appleby, Matheo Aorhakajl, Rebecca Cesista, Logan Corbeau, Rhiannon Cuthbert, Maddison Falkingham, Phoebe Gerin, Jasmina Mates, Caitlyn Mollison, Casper Nhem, Raven Nhem, Amelia Pattison, Mia Riddington, Emily Seears, Rebekah Shiambi, Eliza Van Lieshout, Maria Veldez, Lily Vlasveld, Codey Whalley, Cate Zemunik.

Year 9: Lauren Goldsack-Castell, Sarah Hampton, Fahad Idrees, Thomas Otten, Naomi Ryder.

Year 10: Catherine Brennan, Connor Brown, Daiana Canavate-Tisnes, Nyanthac Gai, Victoria Hendrick, Tegen Hyland, Ashley Holt, Elayne Schneider, Mitchell Sheard, Anya Spranklin, Marlyn Staunton, Aleksandra Tomic, Karlee Weir.


Academic Awards

Year 8: Brett Handley, Caitlyn Szabo – Zivolic,  Cory Lang , Deehanna  Hendry , Ebony Thorneycroft, Malika  Nimaya,  Maluk Maluk,  Nafha  Afshari, Nathaniel  De Lorenzo, Ruby  Stoeckhardt, Teagan Comiac, Yalda Lahza

Year 9: Brodie Colpoys, Hayden King, Jenna Trewarn , Anna Whelan, Zac Mort, Kiara  Gilbert , Eve Gray, Leon Rehl

Year 10: Kyra Parmley, Dylan Liebe, Kaleb  Overmars, Taulapataume  Komiti, Dylan  Liebe , Hannah Spence, Amina  Hussaini, Jessica Miles, Hayley  Bottriell, Jayden  Cant, Shae  Lang, Shalom  Mataakama, Edward  Webber, Tiarna  Plawski

Attitude and Effort Awards

Year 8: Bonni-Jean Cowan, Thomas  Parmley, Deehanna Hendry , Teagan  Comiac, Maluk Maluk, Evie  Gates, Nafha  Afshari, Gai Gai, Kawishka Hewa Dewage, Ebony  Thorneycroft, Nathaniel  De Lorenzo, Yaldah Lahza, Ruby Stoeckhardt, Yazumin  Meunier

Year 9: Fabian  Bonaudi, Jay  Riddington, Emily  Zinnow, Oliva Watters, Jay Riddington, Erin  Magnus, Erin Magnus, Jake Fox, Andy Omondi, Jake  Fox

Year 10: Rackelle Rabelista, Amber  Drieberg, Dylan  Liebe, Jayden  Cant, Jonathan  Dimitriou, Amina  Hussaini, Lai Lian Lala  Khupno, Hayley Bottriell, Lachlan  Johnson, Tahlia Burke, Tiarna  Plawski

SOAR Awards

Year 8: Teagan Comiac, Jordan  Earnshaw, Brett Handley, Jordan  Interlandi, Deehanna Hendry, Maluk Maluk, Thomas  Parmley, Ebony  Thorneycroft, Gai Gai, Ben  Power, Nathaniel  De Lorenzo, Malika  Nimaya, Nafha  Afshari

Year 9: Georgia  Murphy, Margaret  Nimaya, Hayden  King, Fabian Bonaudi, Bryanna Cant, Brodie Colpoys, Georgia Dore, Joanne Etherton, Kiara Gilbert, Nicolas Pigdon, Lachlan Reynolds, Olivia Watters, Jenna Trewarn, Brianna  Mortimer, Grace  George, Tommy  Uk, Renee  Binder, Lueth  Malak, Janelle  Cavil, Josh  Filoteo, Paul  Gines, Fanxi Kong, Steven Langley, Jake Fox, Nyang Wut, Andy Omondi, Leon Rehl

Year 10: Taulapataume  Komiti, Sarah Sunthang, Amber Drieburg, Kaleb  Overmars, Rackelle Rabelista, Lidah Lahza, Hannah  Spence, Yiying  Xu, Jayden  Cant, Jonathan Dimitriou, Marie Matthews, Shawna Cuthbert, Monique Macri, Liam  Chapman, Joshua  Hasler-Betts, Lachlan Johnson, Bradley Luka, Edward Webber


Congratulations also to all students, who have achieved greater than 95% attendance during Term Four.

Finally, we would like to take the opportunity to thank all  students and their teachers for their contribution to a very productive and successful year.

Jenny Healy (Purple Team) and Brad James (Green Team)

Subschool Leaders

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Year 11 – Year in Review

2017 welcomed the Year 11s into the Senior School to embark upon their final years of schooling. For some the transition was the first step towards their future pathway; for others it was the chance to discover where their passion lies. It was an exciting chance for many to finally tailor their school program to suit their skills and interests.

IMG_4362Students undertaking a Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning discovered the self-management and organisation skills required to get themselves to three different locations each week. This was a great chance for students to show their independence and maturity in attending not only classes, but also a VET course and a work placement. The variety of skill and commitment amongst the Year 11 VCAL group was truly commendable. The students worked hard to achieve qualifications in areas such as: Building and Construction, Engineering, Sport & Recreation, Beauty, Health Services, Equine Studies, Electrotechnology, Media and Music. Through their work in Personal Development Skills they were able to teach primary students key curriculum areas, and in doing so, formed strong community ties with the local primary schools. Within their Literacy program the students ran heated debates surrounding current issues. They also worked together to create and teach instructional texts. These ranged anywhere from ‘How to Make a Taco’ to ‘How to Bandage an Ankle’. Lessons in Numeracy saw students use Maths for real world application, such as: drafting, measuring and designing a garden; use of statistics in the news and using excel to analyse data.

iStock-511281043For those students working towards their Victorian Certificate of Education, 2017 was a year of discovering their full academic capabilities. Whether it was getting the right mix of subjects, or figuring out the most successful study habits students approached their program with a willingness to learn. For some, the true purpose of their eleven years of education became apparent, as they found their focus and strived towards their goals of a tertiary level education. Students honed their essay writing skills in English and presented arguments intending to persuade their audience. Those involved in the Sciences took on the role of experimenter and ran a number of practical activities and reported back on their findings. The Humanities students delved deep in to the explanations of the world’s events, civic processes and responsibilities. Within the PE and Health domain, students explored the complexity of the human body. They developed training programs taking in to account the skeletal and muscular systems and discussed the developmental process across the lifespan. Students with a creative flair were able to showcase their skills in the Art and Technology subjects. Through their study of process, design and creation they were able to produce detailed works.

Overall, both the VCAL and VCE students have had a very successful 2017 with many returning in 2018 to continue to the next level of their Certificate. For those who are not returning it is sad to see them go however, they are moving in to their future and have achieved their goals – either being picked up as an apprentice or moving in to full time TAFE or employment. We wish them all the best in these endeavours.

Nicole Green

Year 11 Team Leader

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Year 12 Wrap-Up

723The conclusion to the academic year for the Year 12s saw the College host the annual ‘Valedictory Dinner’ at Pakenham Racing Club.  It was a fantastic night that showcased the graduating class of 2017 and was enjoyed by the 350 people in attendance.  Students were presented with certificates to recognise their completion of either the Victorian Certificate of Education or the Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning.  Individual students were also recognised for ‘Academic Excellence’ and ‘Attitude and Effort’ across each subject.

Subject Academic Excellence  Attitude & Effort
Business Management Darcy Watterson Kirsten Trewarn
Chemistry Supitchaya Charoenphannathon Mia Biggs
History Emily Sach Jerryme Cesista
Legal Studies Ebony Corbeau Timothy Asche
Geography Chloe Roberts Mia Biggs
Sociology Kirsten Trewarn Tessa Patterson
Further Maths Supitchaya Charoenphannathon Brandon Schneider
Further Maths Chloe Roberts Emily Sach
Literature Tiahna Dearnley
Visual Communication Design Jodie Taylor
Mathematical Methods Supitchaya Charoenphannathon Patrina Faamausili
Health and Human Development Chloe Roberts Kirsten Trewarn
Physical Education Nathan De Klerk Bol Jok
English Hayley Jones-Yates Jodie Taylor
English Britney Porch Supitchaya Charoenphannathon
English Emily Sach Chloe Roberts
Informatics Parvinder Tetrea Grant Knudsen
Studio Arts Jodie Taylor Emily Oliver
Biology Mia Biggs Chloe Roberts
Biology Amy Cassar Chloe Wood
Physics Parvinder Tetrea
Psychology Britney Porch Jodie Taylor
Psychology Patrina Faamausili Celine Ciceron
Numeracy Jaymn Stoeckhardt Bryce Banting
Numeracy Jason Hawe Shanae Croaker
Literacy Jessica Harding Shanae Croaker
Literacy Megan Marson Louise Appleby
Personal Development Skills Bryce Banting Courtney Major
Personal Development Skills Shanae Croaker Jessica Harding
Work Related Skills Claire Botten Jason Hawe
Work Related Skills Megan Marson Bryce Banting

VCE Overall Academic Excellence

Supitchaya Charoenphannathon

VCAL Overall Academic Excellence

Megan Marson

VCE Overall Attitude and Effort

Chloe Roberts

VCAL Overall Attitude and Effort

Bryce Banting


Congratulations to all students, family members, teachers and College Council members who made the night a great success.

Dean Blight

Year 12 Team Leader

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