Principal’s Message

Ray Squires

This year provided us with the opportunity to celebrate the fact that Pakenham Secondary College completed 50 years of service to the local community at the end of last year.  This acknowledgement provided an opportunity for teachers, staff and students from the past 50 years to come together to celebrate this significant milestone at a function, that was held at the College, on Tuesday, May 30th.  Present were teachers and students from as far back as the 1970’s.  The event provided the community with a terrific opportunity to reflect on the last five decades and the contribution our school has made to the local community.  It was more community focused and we plan to celebrate this occasion with the student body during the second half of the year. Click here for pictures of the night.

Early days of Pakenham High School (as it was known then)

Early days of Pakenham High School (as it was known then)

As a school, we should celebrate the fact that we have played a significant role in shaping the lives of many a young person.  Our moral purpose is based on the understanding that we make a difference to the lives of the young people who attend our College.  This is a privilege that should never be taken for granted.

The second half of this term represents a busy time for the College.   End of semester exams are in the process of being completed and teachers are currently writing end of semester reports.    A report-writing day is scheduled for Friday, June 16th and as such, students will not be required at school on that particular day.  As a result of feedback from parents, the Year 7-10 reports are somewhat different to previous years.  Our aim was to make them easier to read, while at the same time providing parents with the feedback they need regarding their child’s progress.  Parents should note that reports are no longer mailed and can be accessed using COMPASS.  They will be available in the last week of the term.  However, parents should note that due to the timing of the exams, Year 11 reports will be made available to parents and students early Term 3.  Parents should contact the school, if they find that they cannot access their child’s reports.

There is a strong correlation between student success and effort.  I urge all students to give themselves the best chance to succeed by ensuring they attend school every day and complete all set work.  Each of them are building a platform to their future.  A future that is directly to the level of education they attain.   I look forward to seeing each student achieve a successful outcome.


In 2014 the Pakenham Secondary College School Council confirmed that the school will introduce a Netbook program.  This was phased in over a three-year period so that by the start of 2017, all students attending Pakenham Secondary College are now expected to have their own Netbook.

Students who currently do not have a Netbook can either, bring their own device and have it connected to the school’s systems or they can purchase a device through the school’s supplier, Edunet (  This group is listed by the Department of Education and Training on its preferred supplier panel.

The benefits of students purchasing the laptop from the preferred supplier are:

  • Full on-site warranty for 3 years
  • No cost for Microsoft Office: Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Publisher and 80 educational software titles while the student is enrolled at the school.
  • Full onsite software support.

Parents are able to purchase the device on line.  It can be paid for in full using credit card, Direct Bank Deposit or by applying for a ZIP MONEY account where repayments are interest free over 12 months.  Details regarding these options are available on the portal which can be accessed at – using the code: PSC2017The finance option is organised by the supplier and is independent of the College.  It will be each parent’s decision, as to whether or not they take up this option.

Further details can be obtained by contacting Mike Higgins at the College on 5945 1433.

Enjoy the term break.

Ray Squires

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Senior School News

Term Two has been a busy time in the senior school. Meeting the demands of either VCAL or VCE means that students need to be at school every day, working in class and putting in the extra hours at home. For some this has meant they have needed to reassess what they have been doing and make some adjustments. Seeking feedback from teachers and acting on the advice given is essential for students to maximise their potential. Many students have chosen to make use of the study centre after school until 5:00 pm and teachers make themselves available to assist students during this time.

Many of the Year Eleven students have had the opportunity to visit places, as diverse as prisons to speak to inmates and the botanical Gardens, to support their learning in their Unit One. The feedback has been very positive from students and staff alike. We encourage students to make the most of these opportunities and ensure that they get their permission forms back in a timely manner and ensure they obtain the form giving them permission to attend an excursion from their teachers.

Students from Year 12 VCAL and VCE classes visited Federation University recently to learn about how they can apply for various courses for 2018. They were able to visit an expo and talk to representatives for various tertiary providers to look at courses and options. Students will have the opportunity to have interviews with the College’s career team who will be able to guide them through the process.

Pause Day trails have proven successful for Senior students

Pause Day trails have proven successful for Senior students

The demands of Year 12 is having an impact on all year 12 students and in particular the VCE students. To provide some assistance and giving students time to work on specific tasks, the senior school recently trialled a “Pause Day.” Students were given the day to complete study and tasks specific to their needs. They were provided with breakfast, lunch, morning and afternoon tea and coffee. Staff were rostered on to provide assistance in specific study areas. Feedback from the day was overwhelmingly positive from both staff and students. The Senior School Team would like to congratulate the students on their behaviour and work ethic. The stress level on the days following has been significantly less. Senior School staff are glad that they do not have to look at any more hotdogs for a very long time.

As the winter closes in, can we remind all students, parents and guardians that all students need to be in correct school uniform and if for any reason they are not, can they please bring a note and obtain a uniform pass from the Senior Office. All absences need to be explained and need to be accompanied by a medical certificate in line with VCAA policies. Any student needing to leave school during the day needs to obtain an early leavers pass, available from the Senior Office.

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Year 7 Happenings


Term 2 proved to be exceptionally busy, once again. Students in classes 7.1 and 7.2 have enjoyed “My Friends”, a program dedicated to improving their ability to become acutely aware of their feelings and positively interact with others, relax when faced with stressful situations, improve their optimistic mindset, resolve conflict in the appropriate manner, reward themselves when achieving success and displaying the courage to participate in new experiences. This program proved beneficial and students thoroughly enjoyed the lessons. It will be important for the remaining Year 7 classes to participate with the same level of enthusiasm when receiving the program in Semester Two.

As Term 2 draws to a close, it provides an opportunity to reflect on the outstanding first semester that the Year 7 students have experienced. Facing new challenges, exploring exciting subjects, learning from a variety of teachers and developing new friendships provided the platform to drive the students forward on their educational journey.

With Semester One reports available to students and their families, I encourage all to analyse their results carefully. It is important to celebrate the successes that were achieved, while also acknowledging and reflecting upon the areas for improvement to ensure that greater success can be reached in Semester Two. Asking the following questions will assist in striving for improvement:

  • What characteristics did I demonstrate that allowed me to achieve success?
  • Did I give my best effort in all areas?
  • What can I do to experience more success?
  • Did I actively display the College’s SOAR values?

Finally, I would like to congratulate all students on a wonderful transition into Pakenham Secondary College and wish all families a safe holiday.

Dean Owens
Year 7/Transition Coordinator
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Middle School Update

Year 8:
Term Two has been an extremely productive and eventful term for Middle School. Firstly, All Year 8 students

Zac Mort & Lucas Eades

Zac Mort & Lucas Eades

attended an information session on cyber bullying presented by detective David Fyfe and Pakenham Police officers. Students asked many insightful questions and left with a greater understanding of the legal implications of being involved in inappropriate social media use. The Year 8 enhancement class have been involved in community volunteer work at the 4Cs Pakenham, preparing parcels of food and produce for the less fortunate in our community. Next term the 4Cs community project will be available to other Year 8 students who wish to be involved.

Aaron McOwan, Callum Harvey, Lachlan Reynolds.

Aaron McOwan, Callum Harvey, Lachlan Reynolds.

Year 9:
On the 2nd May, 50 year 9 students attended the Careers and Trade expo at Cranbourne Racecourse, with over 100 exhibits from TAFE, University and Various Trades; the students collected information on different future pathway opportunities. (photos attached). Year 9 students attended an incursion ran by ambulance Victoria on how to keep safe in different situations, how to apply CPR and how to look after their friends. The Year 9 enhancement class participated in a discovery program convened at the school by DOXA, enlightening them on the opportunities university can provide in the future. Year 9 Enhancement students are currently conducting a fundraiser for the 4Cs Pakenham. If you can spare any canned food items, nonperishable food items, or toiletries please send them along with your child on or before the 22nd June.

Year 10:
Students attended an interactive session on building aspirations with representatives from Federation University, aimed at providing Year 10 students with a greater understanding of VCE opportunities. Year 10 exams were conducted at the beginning of June. Well done to all students! They approached their exams seriously and responsibly. Year 10 teachers are now in the process of giving students feedback on their results. Good luck to all Year 10 students undertaking work experience in the coming weeks.

We look forward to working with Middle School students and their families in semester three.
Kind Regards,
Brad James and Jennifer Healy.

MathematicsMaths News

Term 2 has been very busy for Maths students at PSC. Year 7 and 9 students ended their NAPLAN testing week with their numeracy test. All students involved were well prepared and tried their hardest. I congratulate everyone who sat NAPLAN, especially for remembering to bring their calculator!!! Senior students have been busy in the past fortnight studying for and sitting their maths exams. Again, students have been well prepared and tried their best in their maths exams, for which I commend them! Our VCAL Numeracy classes have also been busy with significant projects, involving planning dream holidays and creating scaled plans of zoo animal enclosures. The Senior VCAL classes spent a day at the Melbourne Zoo recently, where they measured actual enclosures and then created scaled versions when returning to school.

Looking toward to Term 3, I encourage all students to continue developing their Maths resource books in the classroom and work on their problem solving skills, both through their work in the classroom and their homework sheets.
Kind regards,
Amanda Peterson
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Library News

Wrapped and not giving much away

Wrapped and not giving much away

This term the Library has had a focus on borrowing books without judging them first by their covers with the display of books wrapped in plain paper and only the titles visible to students. This has been a fun and engaging way which has encouraged many students to have a “BLIND DATE WITH A BOOK”.  Students have been extremely challenged and keen to experience reading a book that they may not have necessarily borrowed by just knowing the title.  This initiative is currently being followed through with a Library activity for Year 7’s and 8’s which is titled “SPEED DATING”.  This activity encourages students to read the Blurb of a book and make a judgement as to whether they would prefer one book over another.

The library witnessed beautiful creations at lunch times

The library witnessed beautiful creations at lunch times

This term has also seen the introduction of before school and lunchtime activities such as, Mother’s Day Gifts, Card Making, Smash Booking, Lego Construction and Games. These activities are becoming more and more popular among our students and we look forward to introducing more activities.

We are celebrating the 20th Anniversary of Harry Potter

We are celebrating the 20th Anniversary of Harry Potter

Harry Potter week will be held in the library during Week 11 of this term. It is in celebration of the 20th anniversary of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone publication. Students will be able to make wands, bookmarks, play tabletop quidditch, answer trivia or simply watch the movie to celebrate at lunchtimes and recess! All wizards, witches and muggles are welcome!

Now that the days are getting colder we are encouraging students who arrive at school early to head over to the Library.  We are open at 8:00am each morning and students can come in to keep warm, take part in activities or just find a comfy chair to relax until classes begin.

Library books will all be due back in the last two weeks of the term and students are asked to check their school emails each Monday to see if they have been requested to return their overdues. Parents will be notified where possible via email in case students are unaware of their overdues.

Janine, Julie and Karen

An update on French

question parlez-vous francais? do you speak french?

French Day

Our annual French Day celebrations will take place on Friday, 23rd June! Our wonderful pop-up Breton French Créperie will return for our Year 7 students to sample! Bon appetite! Other students and staff may purchase their own lovely French crepes at recess.

Throughout the day, students and staff will participate in a range of language and intercultural based workshop activities that have been designed to expand their knowledge and skills in French communication and cultural appreciation.


Semester 1 French: Years 7 & 8

This semester has been an exciting opportunity for students to develop foundation language terms to apply to everyday conversations in French. They have explored French culture and that of other Francophone countries throughout the world. They were challenged to consider the benefits of learning a foreign language in our current, as well as future, ever-changing global world where multiple linguistic and digital literacies are highly employable and socially beneficial when travelling overseas. Students learned how to describe characteristics about themselves, as well as their family members that they will continue to build upon in the following semester.

Coming Attractions: Tour de France 2017

The peloton climbing the road to Col D'Aspin in Pyrenees Mountains during the stage 11 of Le Tour de France 2015.

The peloton climbing the road to Col D’Aspin in Pyrenees Mountains during the stage 11 of Le Tour de France 2015.

Watch out for the Tour de France 2017 on SBS if you want a very entertaining view of the French countryside and the enjoyment of immersion in French culture from the comfort of your own home! In 2017, the race will also travel through Germany and Belgium

The race this year marks the 104th Tour de France that will start from Dusseldorf, Germany on 1 July and will then continue through Belgium on its way to France. The race takes place over three weeks and includes a range of challenging endurance and sprint stages for the elite cyclists involved. Don’t forget to cheer on the talented Australian cyclists that will compete in the race. Let’s hope that there will be another Australian cyclist to repeat Cadel Evan’s historical success in this race back in 2011! Vive la France!

Deborah Kielnhofer

Homework Club

Homework Club

Club News

Homework Club

All students are welcome to attend homework club every Thursday afternoon in the library until 4:30pm. Students will be able to get help from many teachers and will also have access to computers if need be.

All students are welcome.

5c3ff07e-3751-4609-a552-029f5e1384f3Breakfast Club

Toast, cornflakes, rice bubbles, sultana bran, milk and milo will be provided Monday to Friday between 8:15am and 8:45am, near the canteen.

The bread is kindly donated by Bakers Delight each week.

Student Attendance
Its not ok to be away

We owe it to our children to support them in making the most of their secondary schooling.  Success at school breeds opportunity and we want to give every student the chance to progress to their preferred pathway upon completion of their time at Pakenham Secondary College.  

Regular attendance is the key to success in any subject.  Our latest Attendance Policy states:

  • Students who fall below 80% attendance in any class, without College approval, will record an ’N’ for that subject in the end of semester report.
  • Students who have 80% to 90% attendance will be required to sit additional work by the class teacher to gain an ‘S’ for the subject.

Make sure your child is maximising their opportunities by attending school every day.

If your child needs to be absent from school, please log into Compass and update their attendance records or alternatively, contact the College on 5945 1433.

Learning Support

map-your-future-info-sheet-1Map Your Future

The Map Your Future project is designed to start building, or further develop advocacy skills in students (15 – 18 years old) to improve participation in and ownership over, their NDIS plans.
A first intake of 25 students is planned for workshops starting in the July school holidays. Another set of programs will be scheduled for the September school holidays.

Click here for full information flyer.