Principal’s Message

Ray Squires

This represents the last newsletter for this term, a term that has been very busy and one that continues our improvement agenda.  The College is currently undertaking a school review with external reviewers from Monash University.  This is an exciting time for us as it allows the College to reflect on the many achievements of the last three years and focus on the where to next.  The findings from the review will be used to develop a new Strategic Plan which will guide our journey for the next three years.  I am indebted to our staff for their willingness to adopt processes and learnings that allows us to move forward as a College.  As a school, we are always looking to improve outcomes for our students so the review process is an important part of our journey.

I have been particularly pleased with the way in which our senior students have settled into the new year.  They exemplify the learning behaviours that are needed to be successful with lots of them staying back after school to seek extra assistance from the teachers.  Education is such an important resource and will help our students to access the pathways they desire upon leaving Secondary School.

The fun part of school-life is to see the opportunities that students have available to them outside the classroom.  Last week, the school hosted over 100 students who were participating in a Regional Chess tournament.  It was great to see so many happy faces, with students enjoying each other’s company and playing the game in the right spirit.

Enjoy the term break.

Ray Squires

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Senior School News

Class short Jo Duggan

Senior School students on photo day playing a practical joke on Ms Duggan

The senior school team of Dean Blight, Nicole Green and Jo-Anne Duggan along with Assistant Principal Emanuel Merambeliotis, welcomed the 2017 Year 11 and 12 cohort on the 1st February.  We were very impressed by their school uniform and the expectation to be in full school uniform, which will be a strong focus throughout the year. We appreciate that on occasions there may be an issue with uniform and sending a note and obtaining a uniform pass from a Senior School Leader is appropriate at these times. If for some reason there is a concern about acquiring the correct uniform we have a number of ways to support students and parents in sorting these issues out so please contact us at  the  College on 59 451433.

student leadership

College Student Leadership Team

The Year Twelve jackets have arrived and the students look brilliant in them. The take up rate for the jackets is around 95% which is fantastic. It is wonderful to see the students wearing them with pride.

On February 14th the entire Year 12 cohort attended Aspiration Day at the Cultural Centre. The day focused on providing students with the knowledge to successfully navigate Year 12. Speakers presented workshops on various pathway options open to students post Year 12, ways of dealing with stress and pressure, time management skills and some team building activities. Feedback from the students was sought and the majority seemed to have benefited from the day.  As a new team within the College we are seeking ways to improve our programs and we are appreciative of students who have put forward ideas for the day in 2018. A special thanks to the Senior VCAL class for their valuable input.

Swimming Sports were held on the 27th February and it was really pleasing to see the excellent attendance by the Senior School on this day.  Whole school events are for everyone and are days that most students remember in the years to come.  With the Athletics Carnival weeks away, I urge students and parents to support this event and that the Senior School set the tone and culture for the other year levels at the College.

The College has a whole School improvement agenda and none more so than at the Senior School.  Whether your child has chosen a VCAL or a VCE pathway the expectations are the same. Students need to have an attendance above 90%. All absences in Senior School need to be covered with a medical certificate. Students need to be completing set tasks by the due date and ensuring that they are prepared for tasks such as SAC’s, which are completed in class. Students and parents need to be mindful that simply submitting work will not result in an automatic pass and that there will be times when some tasks may need to be resubmitted in order to achieve a satisfactory result. We ask that students look at the feedback that has been offered and make the required adjustments in order to achieve success. Parents can support students by ensuring that they have the required books pens etc., an area where their child can work and the time in which to do the tasks required. There needs to be a balance between school, work and other recreational activities, but students often need guidance in making this happen.

If a student is not coping, the Colleges study room is open each morning from 7:45 and remains open until 5:00 each night for student use. Breakfast is available each morning.

Staff are available to assist and many staff have extra study sessions after school that students can access.

If you identify that your student is not coping or you have concerns please contact the College and speak to the Senior team. Dean Blight is primarily in charge of Year 12, Nicole Green Year 11, while Jo-Anne Duggan and Emanuel Merambeliotis have responsibility for the Senior School cohort as a whole. Our focus is on your child’s learning as a means to the pathway of their choice.

Year 7 Happenings


It has been a privilege to begin the 2017 school year with an enthusiastic, resilient and talented group of Year 7 students. Although Term One is quickly coming to an end, all students should be proud of the transition they have made into Pakenham Secondary College and the new friends they have made along the way.

The term has been extremely busy and challenging, with students participating in a variety of activities, including the swimming carnival, interschool sports, chess tournaments, a range of incursions and the Year 7 camp. Students have been taken outside of their comfort zones on many occasions, whether it be completing tests and homework, or surfing the waves at Phillip Island and are to be congratulated on their efforts. They have demonstrated the ability to act responsibly in all of these events and have represented the school with pride.

Students are now beginning to understand the SOAR values of the College and the importance that they play in making each person live in a productive and socially acceptable manner. With that in mind and as the term comes to a close, I ask the students to focus on displaying the appropriate respect to all they interact with on a daily basis, both at school and at home. Please remember, that by showing respect you are demonstrating that you value those around you and that you are enabling others to interact with you in a positive manner. This will only lead to more valued relationships and better experiences.

I remind students that it is important to continue to complete school tasks and homework to the best of their ability, as they all serve the purpose of promoting success.

I look forward to students maintaining this level of engagement in Term Two.

Dean Owens
Year 7/Transition Coordinator

Science Update

We are all excited to be back for a brand new year of school. In the Science faculty, our teachers have been undergoing continuing professional development and working together to update our resources and teaching program. For Years 7 to 10, we have adopted a new, more affordable textbook that is based on the new Victorian Curriculum that we are implementing this year. All the VCE Science subjects are also based on new study designs that started at Year 11 last year and include new Year 12 classes this year.

The integration of Compass, an online organisational tool, into our teaching programs is also progressing. Some teachers have already started placing PowerPoint presentations, worksheets and links to activities on the Resources tab on Compass. Some have also placed Assessment Tasks online which are accessible to all students, parents and teachers. Please ensure that you have given a valid e-mail address to the school to enable teachers to contact parents easily, as Compass is the main method of communication. Feel free to keep track of your child’s progress and contact relevant teachers with the click of a button (well…maybe a few clicks) via Compass. We are excited to be able to use more functions on Compass to keep in touch and to ensure both parents and students know exactly what is happening in classes (especially if students have been absent).

Year 11 Physics- Attracting styrofoam using static electricityIn the past month, the Year 7 students have been introduced to how Science is performed. This follows the Scientific Method that has its roots in Aristotle’s questioning method of teaching. Year 8s expand on this foundation to build their ability to perform more sophisticated methods of investigation including the use of microscopes and reporting on experiments using scientific posters. They have also been shown how to evaluate how well they completed their experiments. In Year 9, students investigate how living things interact with each other to form complex food webs. The Year 10 students have studied how DNA carries our genetic information and how we use what we know of genetics to improve our lives, while remaining aware of the possible dangers that could result in their misuse.

Our Senior School students who study Biology, Chemistry, Physics or Psychology have probably been challenged the most, with high expectations for work and study habits to assure them to do well in the important final years of schooling. It is very encouraging to see students spending time before and after school working to achieve their personal best. Y12 Physics Luna Park Excursion- Parvinder- Jerryme- Taze- SatchelThere are also excursions planned to expose students to how their chosen subjects are applied in the real world. For example, the Year 12 Physics students have attended a Physics Day at Luna Park, Melbourne. They were able to experience the forces and acceleration with different types of motion and perform calculations to evaluate the changes in energy and apparent weight they feel. Please ensure that permission forms are returned promptly to ease the organisation of excursions.

I wish all our Pakenham Secondary College families a good year ahead and a Happy Easter holidays.

Adrian Lim
Science Coordinator

School Sport20170227_111902

On Monday the 27th of February we attended our annual House Swimming Carnival at Pakenham Outdoor Pool. Fortunately the weather was sunny and the sky was blue, much better than the drizzly 16 degrees and rain on the original carnival date!



Despite the heat, the students were in high spirits and enjoying the chance to put their swimming skills to the test. With poolside dance offs, home cooked picnic feasts and a best-dressed fashion parade, the atmosphere was fantastic. The results of the carnival and subsequent age group champions are listed below:


First: Henty- 410 Points                 Second: Lecky- 340 Points
Third: Patterson- 250 Points        Fourth: Jamieson- 210 Points

Age Group Champions:

12-13 years Male – Jett Edwards20170227_112443
12-13 year Female – Aleisha Lippis
14 years Male – Nathaniel DeLorenzo
14 years Female – Phoebe Gerin
15 years Male – Hayden King
15 years Female – Rose Sollis
16 years Male – Veatauia Su’a
16 years Female – Felilame Paisami
17 years Male – Joshua Yeo
17 years Female – Claire Rogers
18-20 years Male – Donovan Junior Addi
18-20 years Female – Kirsten Trewarn

Yr. 9 & 10 Cricket & Volleyball

On Thursday the 23rd of February we sent out our intermediate cricket and volleyball teams to begin the competition for the year against the other schools in the division. The boys cricket team ventured to Sweeney Reserve and played four fantastic games, unfortunately losing the finals by 9 runs to Berwick!
The girls’ volleyball team played five fantastic games throughout the day but unfortunately did not make it through to the next round. Well done on a good effort!

Coming Up

Wednesday March 8th – Division Swimming Carnival at Doveton Pool in the Park.
Wednesday March 15th – Yr. 7 Cricket & Volleyball.
Tuesday March 21st– Yr 8. Cricket & Volleyball.
Friday March 31st – House Athletics Carnival at Toomuc Reserve- Pakenham.

Athletics Carnivals

The carnival is a compulsory school event and allows students to compete in a host of different athletic sports such as shot put, javelin, discus, high jump, long jump, triple jump and varied running distances. Students are encouraged to dress up in their House colours and support their fellow competitors! Sign ups will be held at school through Health and P.E classes for Years 7-10, or through signup sheets in the Senior School area for Years 11 and 12. Should a student be absent during sign up’s, they will need to contact their Health/P.E teacher.

Kind regards,

Caera Drury,
Sports Coordinator.

Student Leadership Council

The Student Leadership Council has been working to determine which fundraising opportunities its members will take up for 2017.

Our first event will be held at the upcoming Athletics Carnival where SLC members will be running a BBQ for breakfast and lunch. This involves a great deal of preparation from the SLC, as well as their time and commitment on the day of the event. In line with previous years, the money raised will be donated to the Royal Children’s Hospital.

kirsten-TrewarnLeading our council this year is Kirsten Trewarn taking on the position of SLC president. Kirsten is the perfect individual for this role, proving her strong dedication and abilities last year as the SLC secretary. Working alongside her, are our exceptional School Captains, Abigail Nimmo, Mia Biggs, and Vice Captains, Britney Porch and Tessa Patterson. With this team guiding our activities, the SLC is set for a successful year.

We welcome and celebrate the return or entry of the following students to SLC for 2017:

Year 7 – Claire Barnes, Jade Gilbert, Jason McDougal and Talia Noller

Year 8 – Aleisha-Ravyn Pattison, Amelia-Rachel Pattison, Chloe Peters and Caitlyn Fry

Year 10 – Jenna Douglas and Marlyn Staunton

Year 11 – Cameron Dutton, Charlee Brent, Chloe Harrison, Isabelle Ivins and Mehdi Ahmadi

Year 12 – Emily Sach, Kaitlyn Peters, Satchel Cole and Tiahna Dearnley

We look forward to the appointment of the Year 7 Class Captains who will be warmly welcomed into the SLC at our next meeting. We would also like to encourage all college students and particularly those in Year 9, to consider joining our friendly team. If you know any students who would like to join the SLC, please ask them to come along to our meetings, which are held in A10 at recess, every second Monday.

SLC provides a range of benefits for its members. Our team have the opportunity to meet new people, practise and develop their skills, have a say in improving the school and assist in raising funds for organisations in the wider community. The next task on our agenda is to organise the Anzac Day Assembly.

Year 10 and 11 members wanting to apply for the role of SLC Secretary are encouraged to speak with Kirsten Trewarn or Miss Mills (located in the Senior School Upstairs Office).

Allison Mills

Club News – Chess

20170317_171548The recent chess tournament held at Pakenham Secondary College was a success, hosting 136 players from 11 schools. Our players went up against powerhouse chess teams that were nationally ranked. In the Middle Years Division, we finished 5th out of 11 schools (1 point behind Bronze Medal) and in the Open Secondary Division we finished seventh.

Our students performed relatively well individually considering the bulk of the team are beginners and learnt how to play only this February.  Danien Kho was the top player for PSC Middle Years and Victoria Hendrick was given a medal for being the top female in the Open Division. Krystal Whalley received a medal for having the highest improvement moving up by 64 points.

Among the beginners James Whitlock was the best performing with 5 wins and with an initial rank of 0 finished with a ranking of 950 which is the first time in the history of PSC Chess.

The team is more motivated to participate in another tournament next term and aim to qualify for the State and National Finals at the end of the year.

Individual player results

Name Score Countback Placed
Danien Kho 5 32 8th
Hayden King 5 30½ 11th
James Frazer 5 27 17th
Sibtain Azeem 4 31 25th
Fabian El Diablo Bonaudi 4 28 30th
Yven The Marshmellow Slayer Cole 4 27 32nd
Kanjae Kemp 4 27 34th
Krystal Whalley 4 26½ 35t h
Brett Handley 4 25½ 37th
Kalleah McCaw 4 25½ 38th
Fanxi Red Blaze 4 25 39th
Matthew Blanco 4 23 44th
Alyssa Whitlock 22 52nd
Daniel Tomich 19½ 55th
Sterling Stuski 3 27 57th
Steven Langley 3 23½ 66th
Marcus Brennan 3 22 68th
Elina Cole 3 20½ 71st
Arezo Hussaini 3 20 72nd
Luke Rankine 3 19 73rd
Ceu Mang 2 23 86th
Alex Moore 2 22½ 87th
Matthew Rogers 1

Christian Ampongan
Yr 7 Team Leader
Pakenham Secondary College

One Million Starsssc_oms-polaroid

Year 11 VCAL have committed to making 1000 stars for a campaign to end bullying and violence. The Million Stars will be displayed at the 2018 Commonwealth Games.



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School Council ElectionsPeople vote hands. Raised hands volunteering. Flat design modern vector illustration concept.

At the close of nominations there were four nominees for the position of Parent Representative on the Pakenham Secondary College School Council.  

As the number of nominations was equal to the number of positions, an election was not required.  The Nominees and hence successful candidates are:

  • Jonathan Alvarez
  • Anne Kermeen
  • Jodie Berry
  • Wayne Hampton

We sincerely thank them for volunteering to be part of the College Council as their contribution is important to our improvement agenda.

Student Attendance
Its not ok to be away

We owe it to our children to support them in making the most of their secondary schooling.  Success at school breeds opportunity and we want to give every student the chance to progress to their preferred pathway upon completion of their time at Pakenham Secondary College.  

Regular attendance is key to success in any subject.  Our latest Attendance Policy states:

  • Students who fall below 80% attendance in any class, without College approval, will record an ’N’ for that subject in the end of semester report. The report comment will include –“Based on an attendance rate of less than 80%..(student name)..has not been able to successfully meet the requirements of this subject”
  • Students who have 80% to 90% attendance will be required to sit additional work by the class teacher to gain an ‘S’ for the subject.

Make sure your child is maximising their opportunities by attending school every day.

If your child needs to be absent from school, please log into Compass and update their attendance records or alternatively, contact the College on 5945 1433.

 Interim Report / Parent Teacher InterviewsMother And Daughter Meeting With Male Teacher

Interim Reports are currently being completed and will be available on Compass in the last week of this term. As an adjunct to this Parent Teacher interviews will be occurring on Thursday, March 30 beginning at 4pm and concluding at 8pm with a tea break for staff occurring from 5.45pm to 6.30pm.  Interview times can be booked using Compass from Friday, March 24.


Good Study Habits

Female writer typing using laptop keyboard at her workplace in the morning. Woman writing blogs online, side view close-up picture

We are very appreciative of the support we have from our parents and suggest that there are some fundamental things that can be done at home to support each child’s learning:

  • Make sure there is a space that is available within the house where homework can be completed (this is not in front of the television).
  • Commit to ensuring that your child goes to school every day.
  • Support your child in being organised.  Make sure they have the correct equipment and their workbooks are properly set out.  One workbook, or one section of a folder, for each subject is a good idea.  
  • Ask to see your child’s workbooks on a weekly basis.
  • Teach your child effective time management by ensuring that there is regular time set aside, after school, whereby students can do homework.  Teenagers use a lot of their after school time, socialising with friends, using social media or playing games on computers.  Time needs to be set aside where this is not allowed and study is the sole focus.
  • Check the student planner for when class work is due and make sure that they have submitted set work.
  • Set up a regular homework routine whereby students could:
    • Complete assignments or work that was not completed in class that day.
    • Review the notes they have taken during any one lesson.  A big problem for students is they take notes during class time and then forget about them until they are required to sit a test.
    • Read a book.  Reading plays a very important role in student learning and, if you join the local library, costs nothing.  It promotes language development and comprehension skills.  So whenever a student says I have no homework, ask them to read.

The success of each child is important to us and we need to promote good habits within our students to ensure that their education has importance in their life.  We can make this happen through parents and teachers working together.  If parents have any concerns regarding their child’s progress, they should contact either their child’s classroom teacher or Team Leader.  

Through working together we can achieve great outcomes.

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Breakfast Club 5c3ff07e-3751-4609-a552-029f5e1384f3

All students are welcome.

Toast, cornflakes, rice bubbles, sultana bran, milk and milo will be provided Monday to Friday between 8:15am and 8:45am, near the canteen.

The bread is kindly donated by Bakers Delight each week.