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Ray Squires

A warm welcome back as we move into Semester 2.  Second Semester sees all students having the opportunity to recommit to their schooling and make the necessary changes to their attitude and work ethic to ensure that they achieving their personal best.  This term is particularly important for students in Years 9, 10 and 11 as they begin to make their subject selections for 2018.

At the end of last semester, progress reports were made available on Compass.  I hope that students and their parents have had the opportunity to sit down to read them and reflect on the progress that has been made in the first half of the year.  These reports provide students with the opportunity to ponder what is working well and what needs to be improved.

Parents who have been unable to access the reports should contact the office who will help you to navigate Compass so that this can occur.  It should be noted that we no longer mail out hard copy of reports.

On Wednesday, July 26th we conducted our Senior School information night.  This provided students and their parents with an ideal opportunity to gain information about the programs that are available to our students next year.  Individual course counselling sessions will occur in the first half of August for those students entering Year 11.  Our commitment is to give every student the opportunity to participate in a learning program that builds a pathway to their preferred future.

Parent survey – We’re conducting a survey to find out what you think of our school

The Parent Opinion Survey is completed annually by the Department of Education and Training and is conducted amongst a sample of randomly selected parents at every school in Victoria.  This year, about 30 per cent of parents will be invited to participate.  All responses to the survey are anonymous.

The survey helps our school gain an understanding of how you view our school climate, student engagement, and relationships. Our school will use the results to inform school planning and improvement strategies.

The survey will be conducted online by ORIMA Research Pty Ltd and only takes 15 minutes to complete.  If you have been randomly selected to complete the survey, look out for an email that contains the link to access it.  The survey can be accessed from Monday 7th August to Sunday 27th August.

Ray Squires

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The College would like to congratulate the following students from Middle School (Purple Team) Years 8, 9 and 10 who received Academic and Attitude and Effort awards for Semester One. These students displayed outstanding effort and commitment to their learning throughout the semester. We would also like to congratulate students receiving SOAR Awards (for consistently displaying the College SOAR values) and Attendance Awards (for maintaining 95% or better attendance) for Semester One. It was a pleasure to acknowledge their success and present them with certificates at a recent Sub-School assembly.
Summaries of student participation in extra-curricula activities and awards received have been included in the Semester One reports available on Compass.

Academic Awards

Year 7

Fiorella Bonaudi, Lydia Butler, Tha Chin Ciokip, Elina Cole, Connor Eades, Liam-Johns Fitzgerald, Amy French, Sophie Gates, Leroy George, Jade Gilbert, Natasha Hampton, Tahlia Henderson, Adrian Howard, Nimrah Idrees, Aleisha Lippis, Ceu Lian Mang, Maddison Miles, Lachlan O’Gorman, Ashlee O’Meara, Siniva Paisami, Aleksandria-Grace Price, Trinity Purcell, Hannah Sach, Makaelah Soun, Holly Strickland, Bawi Sunthung, Jacinta Susac, Mason Vlasveld, Tamika Watters, Alyssa Whitlock, Erjok Wut

Year 8
Abulfazal Ahmeedi, Rebecca Cesista, Jack Falkingham, Maddison Falkingham, Amelia Pattison, Mia Riddington, Rhiannon Soun, Maria Valdez, Cate Zemunik, Matheo Aorhakajl, Natasha Gallagher, Evan Ibrahim, Rebekah Shiambi, Codey Whalley, Piper Appleby, Alexis Canavate-Tisnes, Phoebe Gerin, Bradley Yeo, Lyric Joe.

Year 9
Aghsan Afshari, Muhammad (Sibtain) Azeem, Shianne Frost, Mitchell Dupuy, Lauren Goldsack-Castell, Sarah Hampton, Fahad Idrees, Thomas Otten.

Year 10
Kim Rueda, Elayne Schneider, Jesse Bondarcev, Dia Estrada, Nyanthac Gai, Tegen Hyland, Paige Schutz, Dhari Stadnikov, Karlee Weir, Rhys Douglas, Oscar Hill, Corey Humphrey, Mitchell Sheard.

Attitude and Effort Awards

Year 7

Tyson Alie, Tynan Arnold, Mason Barbour, Fiorella Bonaudi, Tha Chin Ciokip,  Elina Cole, Luke Findlay, Liam-Johns Fitzgerald, Amy French, Sophie Gates, Jade Gilbert, Tilly Gray, Chelsea-Lee Holcroft, Arezo Hussaini, Nimrah Idrees, John Jukoff, Kanjae Kemp, Maddison Kennedy, Maryam Khademi, Ram Fang Hlua Khupno, Aleisha Lippis, Allan Lota, Ethasia Mataakama, Lochlan McCoy, Lily Nicholls, Talia Noller, Aleksandria-Grace Price, Trinity Purcell, Hannah Sach, Makaelah Soun, Holly Strickland, Monique Tangjitnukul, Demmi Thompson, Julia Rose Vaimoa Alaimalo, Ashley Weaver

Year 8
Rhiannon Cuthbert, Jack Falkingham, Benjamin Hubble, Caitlyn Mollison, Aleisha Pattison, Mia Riddington, Cate Zemunik, Matheo Aorhakajl, Chali Rout, Rebekah Shiambi, Eliza Van Lieshout, Lily Vlasveld, Codey Whalley, Piper Appleby, Muhammad (Hasnain) Azeem, Olivia Baxter, Alexis Canavate-Tisnes, Lyric Joe.

Year 9
Nyadhiang Chol, Maddison Norton, Jason Roberts, Kathleen Robson, Naomi Ryder, Rose Sollis, Crystal Elmer, Lauren Goldsack-Castell, Katelyn Graham, Sarah Hampton, Alexandra Kropp.

Year 10
Grace Brown, Ashley Holt, Kim Rueda, Marlyn Staunton, Alexsandra Tomic, Jesse Bondarcev, Brock Callaghan-Height, Dia Estrada, Victoria Hendrick, Tegen Hyland, Tanika Benis, Leeroy Dube, Megan Marshall, Reuben Rummery, Rhys Douglas, Keely Henderson, Oscar Hill.


Year 7

Tyson Alie, Tynan Arnold, Isula Athwell Gamaralalage, Cruz Barbarich, Mason Barbour, Matthew Blanco, Fiorella Bonaudi, Lydia Butler, Bree Carvell, Patrick Chen, Tha Chin Ciokip, Elina Cole, Jett Edwards, Abby-Lee Farrell, Kurukulasuriya Fernando, Madelyn Foott, Amy French, Zeatah Galea, Dakoda Gellie, Leroy George, Jade Gilbert, Zyan Gourley, Sienna Hall, James Herra, Lauren Hind, Chelsea-Lee Holcroft, Adrian Howard, Arezo Hussaini, Kanjae Kemp, Maddison Kennedy, Maryam Khademi, Thomas Kreun, Allan Lota, Ceu Lian Mang, Aleisha Lippis, Ethasia Mataakama, Lochlan McCoy, Maddison Miles, Sarah-Jane Newlassie, Lily Nicholls, Talia Noller, Ashlee O’Meara, Chezahn Pomare, Aleksandria-Grace Price, Trinity Purcell, Tamara Randall, Hannah Sach, Damanvir Sarai, Corey Smerdon, Makaelah Soun, Holly Strickland, Bawi Sunthang, Jacinta Susac, Monique Tangjitnukul, Demmi Thompson, Julia Rose Vaimoa Alaimalo, Tamika Watters, Ashley Weaver, Alysia Whitlock, Erjok Wut

Year 8
Rhiannon Cuthbert, Jack Falkingham, Maddison Falkingham, Amelia Pattison, Maria Valdez, Cate Zemunik, Logan Corbeau, Rebekah Shiambi, Codey Whalley, Piper Appleby.

Year 9
Jason Roberts, Naomi Ryder, Lauren Goldsack-Castell, Katelyn Graham, Fahad Idrees, Kellie McCoy, Thomas Otten.

Year 10
Catherine Breenan, Rhiannon Croaker, Shauna O’Donnell, Jesse Bondarcev, Victoria Hendrick, Leeroy Dube, Connor Brown.


Year 8
Abulfazal Ahmeedi, Marcus Brennan, Travis Burnes, Rebecca Cesista, Rhiannon Cuthbert, Benjamin Hubble, Ebony Miller, Amelia Pattison, Mia Riddington, Beau Rummery, Rhiannon Soun, Jake Wright, Cate Zemunik, Matheo Aorhakajl, Logan Corbeau, Natasha Gallagher, Evan Ibrahim, Machar Maler, Arona Matiu, Rebekah Shiambi, Ava Simmins, Andy Tennant-Watson, Piper Appleby, Olivia Baxter, Lyric Joe, Nicole Komiti, Casper Nhem, Raven Nhem, Jackson Pitts, Bradley Yeo.

Year 9
Nyadhiang Chol, Shianne Frost, Lachlan Harper-Lucas, Timoti Kotuku, Jason Roberts, Mitchell Dupuy Lauren Goldsack-Castell, Sarah Hampton, Aiden Hawkes, Fahad Idrees, Thomas Otten.

Year 10
Maecyn Afoa, Mackayla Baulch, Catherine Brennan, Rhiannon Croaker, Daniel Kho, John Langley, Lyric-Ren Malit, Kim Rueda, Lachlan Sach, Elayne Schneider, Marlyn Staunton, Anya Spranklin, Aleksandra Tomic, David Alvarez Reyes, Dia Estrada, Nyanthac Gai, Victoria Hendrick, Tegen Hyland, Jeremiah Ieremia, Andrew Kruse, Sheridan Hubble, Megan Marshall, Sukeerthi Meesala, Reuben Rummery, Karlee Weir, Matthew Claudius, Felicity Darvell, Keely Henderson, Bailey Hubble, Corey Humphrey, Connor Mills-Emmerson, Joshua Page.

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Senior School Happenings

Year 11 “Macbeth” Page-to-Stage Incursion


In order to develop an enhanced knowledge of Shakespeare’s famous tragedy ‘Macbeth’, a production company by the name of ‘Page to Stage’ performed numerous scenes from throughout the play for our Year 11 English students. The two-and-a-half-hour play consisted of a number of important scenes from the play in the production company’s own interpretation, as well as active communication sessions, after each scene, to analyse the key features of the scene and its importance in the play.

The members of the ‘Page to Stage’ production company performed professionally and enthusiastically, efficiently capturing and executing the emotions and dialogues of each individual character present in the play. This not only allowed the students to understand the scene itself, but also gave us an insight into the different personalities portrayed by each character in ‘Macbeth’.

Overall, the production company’s execution of ‘Macbeth’ was a very beneficial experience that was thoroughly enjoyed by both the students and the teachers. It was a pleasure having the ‘Page to Stage’ company perform such an authentic interpretation of Shakespeare’s renowned play at Pakenham Secondary College.

— Shyleen Chand

webIMG_0756“The ‘Page to Stage’ incursion proved to be a beneficial experience as it allowed the students to enhance their knowledge of Shakespeare’s renowned Macbeth, as well as developing a deeper understanding of the characters present in the play. The members of the production company professionally executed their interpretations of important scenes throughout the play, as well as communicating efficiently with the students in order to recognise the key features of the scenes and their significance in the play.” – Shyleen Chand

 “The ‘Page to Stage’ production company came to the College to perform their interpretation of Shakespeare’s famous tragedy, Macbeth. They recreated numerous important scenes with great enthusiasm and authenticity. The performance allowed students to solidify their understanding of the play, which was studied as part of the Year 11 English program.” – Olivia Butler

webIMG_0785“Their stage presence was very professional and, after viewing the play, l had a better understanding of the events that took place in the Macbeth.” – Jia Estrada

 “They gave me a better understanding of Macbeth and when they finished the scene, they explained what had just occurred in Macbeth. They had very good stage presence.” – Georgia Hillard

 “The actors were very passionate about their performance, which allowed them to provide a valid insight into the play of Macbeth. They also encouraged students to express their interpretation of the play. Our understanding of Macbeth was greatly improved, thanks to the experience and l hope that we have the opportunity to have them perform for us again.” – Chloe Watters

 “The Macbeth incursion was well-executed by the actors, which helped me to have a better understanding of the play. It was like watching the real scenes of what was happening in the play! Also, the characters’ attitudes were well-presented, which gave us a better understanding of the characters.” – Hiem Zing Ciukip


Can you or someone you know assist us with the Year 10 Mock Interview Program?

Three seated adults facing a woman who is speaking to themAs part of our pathways program offered at Pakenham Secondary College, all Year 10 students participate in a variety of activities aimed at assisting their transition into employment and training. This includes completing a week of Work Experience, attending workshops provided by Federation University and Monash University and participating in the Mock Interview Program at the  College.

This year the Mock Interview Program is scheduled for Thursday 31st August and Friday 8th September. Interviews are conducted in three sessions over the day – the first session for 9.00am – 10.15am,  the second session from 11.00am – 1.25pm and the third session from 2.00pm to 3.15pm. Morning tea and/or lunch is provided. As in previous years, we are seeking support from representatives from our local organisations and Business Community to assist in the running of mock interview panels.  This program gives students the opportunity to experience the formal interview process and receive constructive feedback.

If you are interested in volunteering as a panel member in the Mock Interview Program , please contact Jackie Stewart at the College on 5945 1433.

Your support would be greatly appreciated.

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  Technology News

Semester one 2017 has been very enjoyable for the Technology Department. Students have been busy producing high quality products. In Textiles, students took great interest and showed enthusiasm in producing soft sculptures, hand painted cushions and garments.

These are some of the Year 7 student samples from last semester:

ninte kitty

afl b








In Wood work, students demonstrated skills in the construction of pencil holders, pull- along toys and various items of furniture.



In Food Technology, students created different, delicious dishes from a wide variety of recipes. This will enable them to develop skills needed for creating interesting meals at home.


Mehdi Kokoda’s Experience

Mehdi arrived back in Melbourne safe and sound, much to the relief of his family and friends. We can’t wait to interview him and share with the College community what this experience was like. You may or may not know that Mehdi had to complete the walk eating WW2 rations and wearing the uniforms of the period.  He said, “It was the hardest thing he has ever done.” He greatly enjoyed the experience. As there is a documentary being made of this journey, we don’t have any more footage or pictures to share, but we have managed to get hold of this one to give you a taste of what’s to come. Stay tuned for our next newsletter.



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Science Update

Welcome back to Semester 2. Hopefully, everybody has had a good rest during the holidays and are back refreshed to take on the second half of the school year.

The Year 7 students will continue to study the world around us by classifying living things and how they live together. They will also be studying how our planet is influenced by our Sun and Moon. This is followed by an investigation on how we use the limited resources we have such as energy and water. They can also look forward to learning about how forces affect motion.

The Year 8 students should now be able to use microscopes to study cells that are not visible to the unaided eye. They should also be able to explain how rocks are made and what substances are made of at the atomic level. They now know how the many body systems work together flawlessly to keep us functioning well. The Year 8 students will jump straight into looking at how light and sound waves can be manipulated. Following that, they will investigate the differences between physical and chemical changes and how living things reproduce.

Year 9s will have an interesting semester as they are scheduled to have an exam in Week 8 of Term 3. This is to enable them to evaluate their ability in each subject which will help them to make better decisions on subjects or programs in Year 10. They will need to complete their studies on Elements and Chemical Reactions to enable them to do well in Science.

Year 10 students have learnt the theories of forces and motion. They would have put their knowledge to practice by investigating factors that affect the flight of paper planes. Hopefully, they would have all completed their Scientific Posters on the investigation and handed them in. They will continue with further study of chemical reactions and global systems that affect climate change before facing the end-of-year exam.

Our Senior School students who study Biology, Chemistry, Physics or Psychology have had a challenging semester. For some, the increased difficulty at VCE levels required a major change in their work habits and time management skills to be able to keep up with the study requirements. The new study design that started last year for Year 11 is now in its first Year 12 implementation. All Year 12 Science Studies require a practical investigation as a main assessment task, which is required to be reported in a Scientific Poster. Hopefully, the sample posters and practice runs from Year 11 will result in some excellent results.

By now, all students and parents will have received the Semester 1 reports via Compass. Congratulations to those who obtained pleasing reports. Keep up the good work. If you have received a less than satisfactory report, now is the time to take action to improve on your work. Remember the positive learning behaviours discussed and perform to the best of your ability. Teachers are always ready and happy to assist students and we look forward to a successful Semester 2.

Adrian Lim

Science Coordinator

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Psychology News

In the last week of Term 3, the Year 12 Psychology classes visited the Epworth Hospital in East Melbourne. The students took part in an interactive presentation on sleep where they demonstrated their knowledge of sleep stages and brain wave patterns. The students then went on a tour of the sleep lab and watched as their classmate (Ben Chidgey) was hooked up to a polysomnography device to record his brain waves, muscle tension and eye movements. As Ben was tucked into bed we moved to a recording room to track his changes, as he progressed from wake to sleep. Woken abruptly, we let Ben regain full awareness before we moved back in to the presentation room. It was here that the students furthered their knowledge of sleep disorders. Overall, it was a really beneficial day which moved the textbook to the real world.

Ben Ben2

Group2 Group

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 Club News

Homework Club

Homework Club

All students are welcome to attend homework club every Thursday afternoon in the library until 4:30pm. Students will be able to get help from many teachers and will also have access to computers if need be.

All students are welcome.



Breakfast Club

Toast, breakfast cereal, milk and Milo will be provided Monday to Friday between 8:15am and 8:45am, near the canteen.

The bread is kindly donated by Bakers Delight each week.

Student Attendance
Its not ok to be away

We owe it to our children to support them in making the most of their secondary schooling.  Success at school breeds opportunity and we want to give every student the chance to progress to their preferred pathway upon completion of their time at Pakenham Secondary College.  

Regular attendance is the key to success in any subject.  Our latest Attendance Policy states:

  • Students who fall below 80% attendance in any class, without College approval, will record an ’N’ for that subject in the end of semester report.
  • Students who have 80% to 90% attendance will be required to sit additional work by the class teacher to gain an ‘S’ for the subject.

Make sure your child is maximising their opportunities by attending school every day.

If your child needs to be absent from school, please log into Compass and update their attendance records or alternatively, contact the College on 5945 1433.