Principal’s Message

Ray Squires

A warm welcome to term 2!  This is traditionally one of the busiest terms in the school year.  Students in Year 7 and 9 will undertake NAPLAN tests from Tuesday, May 9 to Thursday, May 11.  Exams for students in Years 10, 11 and 12 will occur in the second half of this semester while at the end of this term teachers will write end of semester reports.  In order for students to be successful and achieve a positive outcome on these reports they need to ensure that all set work is completed and achieve satisfactory results on all assessment tasks.

It is important that students recognise that success at school is important and represents a valuable resource that they will carry with them as they move into the workforce.  It is through education that our students can build successful pathways to their future.  To this end, we have a team of teachers who are working very hard to support each child in order for them to achieve a successful outcome.  Each Thursday, homework club is conducted in the library from 3.30pm to 4.30pm and a number of teachers are using their own time, after school, to support students, particularly those in Year 12.

If you have any concerns about your child’s progress please do not hesitate to contact the relevant classroom teacher or team leader.17800222_1168950999898618_5333006875823457082_n

Royal Children’s Hospital Appeal

I would like to congratulate the Student Leadership Council on their work in raising $1529.15 for the Good Friday Royal Children’s Hospital Appeal.  This was done by running a sausage sizzle at the Athletic’s Carnival that was held on the last day of term 1.

Ray Squires

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Senior School News


Cameron Dutton

2017 has started with a bang for VCAL Work Related Skills.

It has been fantastic to get many students out at the very start of the year and those that have found difficulties have been in school to seek our support. They have used the time to research opportunities, prepare cover letters and update their resume. We have also collated a list of their areas of interest and documented their locations so that we can start to plan visits. For students who are out in the workforce, congratulations and for those still looking for something, make sure you keep in contact so that we can offer support.


Jasmine Peterson

I was privileged enough last week to make phone calls. The phone calls were our usual introduction calls, which highlight the program and to thank them for giving our students an opportunity to try their workplace. It is a courtesy call to ensure they know the expectations of the students and to let them know that visits will be commencing from next week.

I was thrilled to receive such positive feedback from all the people I spoke to. Our students were polite, punctual, courteous, reliable and in some cases showing initiative and willing to go above what was expected of them.

Congratulations WRS students! This shows our community that we are encouraging good work habits in students and you are showing them when out in the workforce. Remember that this is a wonderful opportunity for you to network, learn new skills and potentially receive a good reference, or for some an apprenticeship, part time job or potentially full time job.

brandon matthews

Brandon Matthews

To the local community who are giving our students these wonderful opportunities, we thank you! We look forward to continuing the opportunity and building greater relationships in the future.

Emanuel Merambeliotis, Lesley McKay-Lovejoy and Linda Taylor.




Open Night


student leadership

Families were welcomed by the Student Leadership Team

On Wednesday, April 26th, Pakenham Secondary College opened its doors and welcomed the community to its Open Night. Concerns that the wet weather and windy conditions would impact on the number of families attending were quickly put to rest, with an extremely large crowd filling the lecture theatre. Families were presented with a variety of information that enabled them to gain insight into the exceptional learning pathways that the College has to offer, allowing them to see how we are best able to develop their children for the future. Separating into small groups and touring the College, families were able to participate in a wide variety of activities and experience the wonderful facilities that are on offer in the areas of Wood Technology, Science, Music and Art, Physical Education and Food Technology. Due to the dedication of the staff and enthusiasm of prospective students and families, the Open Night proved to be a major success and showcased the amazing teachers, facilities and resources that are on offer at Pakenham Secondary College.

Dean Owens
Year 7/Transition Coordinator

Student Awards – Purple Team

SOAR Awards

Congratulations to the student listed below who have received recognition for their commitment  to upholding the College SOAR values. Their efforts were acknowledged at a Sub-School assembly at the beginning of the term and have been presented with certificates.

Year 8

Aleisha Pattison, Mia Riddington, Caitlyn Mollison, Marcus Brennan, Cate Zemunik, Rhiannon Cuthbert, Abulfazal Ahmadi, Rebecca Cesista, Codey Whalley, Matheo Aorhakajl, Rebecca Shiambi, Lily Vlasveld, Piper Appleby, Alexis Canavate-Tisnes and Olivia Baxter.

Year 9

Muhammad Sibtain Azeem, Mitch Dupuy, Thomas Otten

Year 10

Catherine Brennan, Grace Brown, Rhiannon Croaker, Jenna Douglas, Ashley Holt, Elayne Schneider, Marlyn Staunton, Kim Rueda, Aleksandra Tomic, Tegan Hyland, Daiana Canavate-Tisne, Nyanthac Gai, Jesse Bondarcev


Attendance Awards

Congratulations to the 78 students from Purple team who maintained 95% – 100% attendance for Term 1.

Regular attendance, like this, enables students to maximise their learning opportunities to achieve good results.

Student Leadership Council

kirsten-TrewarnAfter our highly successful sausage sizzle fundraiser and Easter egg competition in the final weeks of Term 1, we are proud to announce that just over $1500 was raised for the Royal Children’s Hospital. Our College Captains travelled into Melbourne over the term break to present a cheque for this great cause. Thank you to everyone who supported us with the planning, organisation, set up, cooking, selling, spruiking, counting money and clean up – and, of course, taking part through donations and purchases!

We are excited to announce that we now have School Council approval to run the College’s third “Sixty Five Roses” campaign that raises awareness and funds for Cystic Fibrosis Victoria. Our SLC also has approval and is also working towards a plan of action to support the RSPCA and The Smith Family organisations over the year.

On Monday 24 April, ANZAC Day commemorations were held at a general assembly. Our student leaders organised the programme, presenting a range of poems, letters and other pieces to honour and remember those who were affected by war. The Pakenham RSL’s Dawn Service was attended by Mia Biggs and Abigail Nimmo (College Captains), Tessa Patterson and Britney Porch (Vice Captains) and Kirsten Trewarn (SLC President). The President of the Pakenham RSL  welcomed them to participate in the readings.

We are still welcoming members from across all year levels, but are particularly keen to gain students from Year 9. We believe that all young people are leaders and have something to offer our College. Please come along to meet us, have your say and join in the valuable work we do for the College and the broader community. Our meetings are held fortnightly with the next one scheduled for Monday 1st May in A10 at recess.

Student Attendance
Its not ok to be away

We owe it to our children to support them in making the most of their secondary schooling.  Success at school breeds opportunity and we want to give every student the chance to progress to their preferred pathway upon completion of their time at Pakenham Secondary College.  

Regular attendance is key to success in any subject.  Our latest Attendance Policy states:

  • Students who fall below 80% attendance in any class, without College approval, will record an ’N’ for that subject in the end of semester report. The report comment will include –“Based on an attendance rate of less than 80%..(student name)..has not been able to successfully meet the requirements of this subject”
  • Students who have 80% to 90% attendance will be required to sit additional work by the class teacher to gain an ‘S’ for the subject.

Make sure your child is maximising their opportunities by attending school every day.

If your child needs to be absent from school, please log into Compass and update their attendance records or alternatively, contact the College on 5945 1433.

Middle School News – Year 8 Students Volunteer at 4C’s

During Term Two students from the Year 8 Enhancement are undertaking community service by completing volunteer work at the 4C’s Crisis Centre in Pakenham. Reports from students who have participated in this project are included below:

On Thursday 27th April, Mia Riddington, Ben Hubble, Abulfazal Ahmadi and myself Cate Zemunik went to 4C’s  to assist with charity work. We packed four boxes of REice Crispies into over 100 bags, each weighing 500 gms. Personally I really values the experience and I think the others did to. It was fantastic meeting some of the volunteers that work there every day and don’t anticipate anything in return. The volunteers were especially welcoming. I wish I could have stayed linger but unfortunately we had to go.  Overall the experience was very gratifying and I would do it again in a heart beat. I hope 4C’s can continue doing their amazing work and help out more people in need.’

Cate Zemunik

When we went  to the 4C’s we felt good knowing that we were helping the underprivileged and disadvantaged. It was a pleasant experience over there; the staff were kind and the work was easy and it was going to a good cause. We had to put rice puffs into individual bags, then tie them with tape and label them. They are then given to people in need. It was a worthwhile experience, we got to talk to some of the lovely staff and other volunteers all there for the same reason. It was fun as well because there were other students there to help which lightened the workload.’

Benjamin Hubble

Technology and teenagers

For many teenagers, technology and the internet make up a large part of their day. It can often be hard to understand why teenagers use technology and what they are using it for. Similarly, it’s hard to know what constitutes normal technology use. Learn more about how teenagers use technology, what responsible use looks like, and when there might be problems with how your child is spending their time online.

Good Study Habits

Female writer typing using laptop keyboard at her workplace in the morning. Woman writing blogs online, side view close-up picture

We are very appreciative of the support we have from our parents and suggest that there are some fundamental things that can be done at home to support each child’s learning:

  • Make sure there is a space that is available within the house where homework can be completed (this is not in front of the television).
  • Commit to ensuring that your child goes to school every day.
  • Support your child in being organised.  Make sure they have the correct equipment and their workbooks are properly set out.  One workbook, or one section of a folder, for each subject is a good idea.  
  • Ask to see your child’s workbooks on a weekly basis.
  • Teach your child effective time management by ensuring that there is regular time set aside, after school, whereby students can do homework.  Teenagers use a lot of their after school time, socialising with friends, using social media or playing games on computers.  Time needs to be set aside where this is not allowed and study is the sole focus.
  • Check the student planner for when class work is due and make sure that they have submitted set work.
  • Set up a regular homework routine whereby students could:
    • Complete assignments or work that was not completed in class that day.
    • Review the notes they have taken during any one lesson.  A big problem for students is they take notes during class time and then forget about them until they are required to sit a test.
    • Read a book.  Reading plays a very important role in student learning and, if you join the local library, costs nothing.  It promotes language development and comprehension skills.  So whenever a student says I have no homework, ask them to read.

The success of each child is important to us and we need to promote good habits within our students to ensure that their education has importance in their life.  We can make this happen through parents and teachers working together.  If parents have any concerns regarding their child’s progress, they should contact either their child’s classroom teacher or Team Leader.  

Through working together we can achieve great outcomes.

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Breakfast Club 5c3ff07e-3751-4609-a552-029f5e1384f3


Apologies to all students who come along.

The club is currently suspended until further notice.