Many Options to Enhance their Experience

Ray-Squires-and-Elina-ColeThis year, the school is undertaking a suite of activities that aim to enhance what each young person can experience as part of being a student at Pakenham Secondary College.  These include the addition of Drama into the Year 7 curriculum as well as the introduction of a School Choir as part of the Music program.   The school also offers a range of lunchtime activities that include:

Chess club, Art Club, Science and Technology club, Choir and Games Club.

All students are welcome to participate. (If you are wondering about the picture with student Elina Cole, I lost)

Ray Squires


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Important Dates Coming Up

iStock-688583504Mon 5th March – Year 7 Camp (Group 1)
Wed 7th March – Year 7 Camp (Group 2)
Wed 7th March – Senior Volleyball
Wed 7th March – Bass Young Leders Parliament House Visit
Thu 8th March – Division Swimming
Fri 9th March – Year 12 Physics Luna Park Excursion
Mon 12th March – Labour Day Public Holiday
Tue 13th March – Year 11 Geography fieldwork – Kinglake National Park
Thu 15th March – Year 11 Environmental Science Austral Park Farm Excursion
Calendar updates can be found on Compass.

Tips on Good Study Habits

Teenage boy wearing headphones works at desk in his bedroomWe are very appreciative of the support we receive from our parents and suggest that there are some fundamental things that can be done at home to support each child’s learning:

  • Make sure there is a space that is available within the house where homework can be completed (this is not in front of the Television).
  • Commit to ensuring that your child goes to school every day.
  • Support your child in being organised. Make sure they have the correct equipment, and their workbooks are properly set out.  One workbook or one section of a folder, for each subject is a good idea.
  • Ask to see your child’s workbooks on a weekly basis.
  • Teach your child effective time management by ensuring that there is regular time set aside, after school, whereby they can complete their homework. Teenagers use a lot of their after school time, socialising with friends, using social media or playing games on computers.  Time needs to be set aside where this is not allowed and study is the sole focus of their time.
  • Check the student planner / Compass for when class work is due and make sure that they have submitted set work.
  • Set up a regular homework routine whereby students could:
    • Complete assignments or work that was not completed in class that day.
    • Review the notes they have taken during any one lesson. A big problem for students is they take notes during class time and then forget about them until they are required to sit a test.
    • Read a book. Reading plays a very important role in student learning and, if you join the local library, costs nothing.  It promotes language development and comprehension skills.  Whenever a student says I have no homework, ask them to read.

The success of each child is important to us and we need to promote good habits within our students to ensure that their education has importance in their life.  We can make this happen through parents and teachers working together.  If parents have any concerns regarding their child’s progress, they should contact either their child’s classroom teacher or team leader.

Through working together, we can achieve great outcomes.


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20180228_134512Have your children joined any clubs yet?

ART CLUB – Wednesday lunchtime – Room B16
BREAKFAST CLUB – Every day before school – Food Tech Building
CHESS CLUB – Everyday recess and lunchtime – Year 7 Centre
CHOIR – Every Monday lunchtime and Thursday recess – Music Room
GAMES CLUB – Every Wednesday lunchtime – Four Square area
HOMEWORK CLUB – Every Thursday after school until 4:30pm – Library
SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY CLUB – Every Thursday lunchtime – Room B2 – Contact Mr Lim for more info.

Practical Tip: How do we start the cyber safety conversation with our children?

Thanks to Digital Thumbprint, you can view practical and easy to follow fact sheets for different age groups. Click on the relevant age group:

Digital_Insight_Parent_Discussion_Guide-1 Year-9-and-10-Digital_Impact_Parent_Discussion_Guide-1 Senior-Students-Digital_Ambition_Parent_Discussion_Guide-1
Years 7 and 8 Years 9 and 10 Senior students

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Student at workDid you know that our students’ literacy is improving at a greater rate than state average?

This outstanding achievement is a direct result of the school wide Literacy Program that we have been implementing for several years called The ‘Literacy For Learning’ Program.  Our students are now much more aware of what is required of them and are able to put into place several key strategies that have helped to formalise their writing.

One Year 7 student had shown low growth in all key learning areas. After only two years in the program, the now Year 9 student had overturned all outcomes in all areas. Can you imagine what this does to learning confidence and future prospects?

I would encourage you to speak to your children about such things as ‘noun groups’, ‘nominalisations’ and ‘connectives’ and find out how your child is using these to improve their writing.

As a result of the outstanding success of our Literacy Program we continue to be visited by many different schools across Melbourne wanting to know the secret of our success. We have now had visits by more than 25 different schools and over 50 Principals, Assistant Principals and Literacy Leaders. It is a great thrill to be able to pass on such important information to other schools and share with them our passion and expertise in such an important area.


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28449805_10213191440434568_693397405_nAny achievements we don’t know of?

We love to celebrate student’s achievements inside and outside the College. So if your child has done something special, let us know, so we all can celebrate together.

Send us a message through the College Facebook page.



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Mindfulness Sessions for Senior School Students

Breathe DeeplyAre you feeling time pressured? Don’t know where to go for help and feeling embarrassed? Could you use some new ideas for getting things done, staying calm and feeling good?

Learn how to lower your anxiety level with deep breathing, use different relaxation techniques to sleep better and improve your focus with mindfulness.

Stay tuned, sessions coming soon.




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Dr Ferghal Armstrong FRACGP

Doctors in SchoolsDr Ferdousi Akter

Did you know we have a Doctor’s office on site?
Dr Ferghal or Dr Akter and Nurse Meagan are at the College every Thursday from 9:30am – 1:30pm – students just need to come to the Log Cabin to get the forms for the clinic or pre-download them here form 1 and form 2

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Teenage boy getting vaccination in his armMissed Immunisations?

The onsite doctor and nurse can update your child’s immunisation. They are available every Thursday from 9:30am – 1:30pm – Book through the wellbeing team at the Log Cabin

ATTENTION: Koorie Students aged 16 years and over can have an additional influenza immunisation free of charge.


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People vote hands. Raised hands volunteering. Flat design modern vector illustration concept.

Update on School Council Elections

At the close of Nominations, there were three nominees for the position of Parent Representative on the Pakenham Secondary College School Council.

As the number of nominations was equal to the number of positions, an election is not required.  The Nominees and hence successful candidates are:

Vanessa Sach

Josephine Hughes

Andrew Price

I sincerely thank them for volunteering to be part of the College Council as their contribution is important to our improvement agenda.

Ray Squires




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Linda-Taylor 5 Minutes with …Linda Taylor – Coordinator of the Program for Students with Disabilities

Hello! This is the first time in a long time I am not teaching full time at our College. Since July 2017, I have been the Program for Students with Disabilities Coordinator. In old terms, I oversee the integration students and staff. Prior to that I taught Food Technology and Health/Health and Human Development. I loved teaching these as they are valuable living skills.

What is something people don’t know about you?

Wow where do I start!! I was born in South Australia and moved to Melbourne when I was 8. I always wanted to be a teacher – either primary or secondary in health and food (good living skills!!) I was a sports person growing up playing softball, coaching softball teams (and winning 3 grand finals in a row!) playing netball, indoor cricket and doing aerobics.

Plus I am that mad woman with 7 children – 2 girls and 5 boys!

What is your most memorable moment and why?

It would be remise to not say getting married and having my family. It has been a wonderful and different ride. I am incredibly proud of my family.

But when it comes to life outside of family, I loved my trip overseas to see family and new places in the UK and USA in my younger years.

In terms of being a teacher, I just love to see students achieve wonderful things .

What has been your most embarrassing moment?

I really can’t think of anything that is really embarrassing to share!! Probably my funniest thing I often do is out call my children’s wrong names and wonder why they don’t answer!! Particularly with 5 boys.

At school I…

Always worked hard and loved to learn. I always wanted to read more and build my knowledge.  I participated in any sport or activity possible and was often the girl out with the boys playing sport at lunchtime!! To this day I am not good at sitting doing nothing!

What are you looking forward to?

I am looking forward to helping all students on the PSD and helping those that will come through in future who need support. I really want to see those who face challenges helped and given all the best opportunities in life.


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