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Pocket Rocket may be an understatement…

To call Year 11 student Sarah McDougal a ‘Pocket Rocket’ is an understatement.

Only starting the Australian Army Cadets in February this year, Sarah is already showing a promising career.

Captain George and Cadet Sarah MacDougal

Captain George and Cadet Sarah MacDougal

Strongly encouraged to attend by a school friend, Sarah agreed ‘for one time only’, and well, the rest is history. She has not missed a week since. When asked why she loves it so much, ‘I now have an insight into how the defence force really is, I’ve learnt discipline and to respect others’. Some of the practical skills acquired through camps are bush first aid, evacuation drills and radio signals. Sarah also enjoys the community activities in her new-found role, such as marching on Anzac Day next to the Maltese community.

Captain George and Cadet Sarah MacDougal

Captain George and Cadet Sarah MacDougal

Because of her dedication to the 310ACU Dandenong unit, Sarah was one of 40 cadets selected from across Victoria to attend a camp in Mount Hotham over the weekend. During the camp Sarah learnt to ski in an exclusive section of the mountain reserved for the Defence Force. A visit to the Army museum in Wodonga was also included in the weekend away. Learning to fire a gun earned her one of the best scores of the group – an outstanding result for the newcomer.

Towards the end of this trip, it was no surprise that she was awarded the Cadet of Merit Award.

On reflection on her award, Sarah is proud of her achievement but doesn’t understand what all the fuss is about. ‘I took along all the skills, respected everyone, learnt my place and showed great leadership skills within the activities’.

The Certificate was awarded by Captain George of the 36ACU Frankston unit.

Well done Sarah, the College is so proud of you.