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Queens Scout Award for Jennifer James

Year 12 student Jennifer James has been involved in Scouts from an early age. She loves the sense of achievement and community it provides and the long term friendships already formed.

To earn this prestigious award (only 2% of the State achieve it) Jen has diligently participated in a diverse range of activities which have earned her badge after badge, but this was not achieved without effort. Jen has contributed more than 450 hours to this achievement.

This is not Jen’s first recognition for her dedication. Several years ago, whilst arriving at a scout meeting point, Jen witnessed a very serious accident. Her Patrol leader was struck by a falling gumtree requiring her to put her first aid training into practice. Jen kept him alive while administering 30 minutes of CPR until help arrived. Thanks to her effort, he was flown to the Royal Children’s Hospital in a stable condition. The injuries were serious, with broken ribs, collarbone and vertebrae. Jen’s focussed and quick action saved his life and earned her a Highly Commended award from the State.

As she is approaching the pointy end of secondary schooling, Jen expressed her desire to become an underwater photographer. She has her scuba diving license and already is involved in monitoring the ecosystem and the numbers of the Leafy Sea Dragon at Port Philip Flinders Pier.

We have no doubt this super achiever who loves pushing her own limits will go very far.

Jen welcomes anybody interested in scouts to ask her questions. She wishes for more young people to experience the fulfilling activities and friendships Scouts has provided.

Congratulations Jen, we are so proud of you.

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