School Calendar



Monday 3rd to Monday 14th Term Break
Monday 17th Easter Monday
Tuesday 18th Term 2 Commences
Wednesday 19th State Swimming
Tuesday 25th Anzac Day
Thursday 4th Senior Netball
Monday 8th Girls Football
Boys Netball
Tuesday 16th Immunisation
Tuesday 23rd Division Cross Country
Careers Expo
Thursday 25th Year 8 Netball
Wednesday 31st Monash University – Pds 2 & 3 Year 11
Monday 5th Start Semester 2 Year 12
Monday 5th to Thursday 8th Year 10 Exams Year 10
Tuesday 6th Netball Year 7
Badminton Years 7 & 8
Monday 12th Queen’s Birthday Holiday
Tuesday 13th Year 11 Exams Year 11
Wednesday 14th GAT
Thursday 15th Senior Sport
Year 11 Exams Year 11
Friday 16th Report Writing Day
Monday 19th SMR Cross Country
Monday 19th to Wednesday 21st Year 11 Exams Year 11
Thursday 22nd Start Semester 2 Year 11
Monday 26th to Friday 30th Work Experience
Monday 3rd to Friday 14th Term Break
Monday 17th Term 3 commences
Wednesday 19th Monash Clayton Visit Year 10
Thursday 20th State Cross Country
Friday 21st Monash Year 9
Wednesday 9th Monash Unit – Year 12
Monash Pds 2 & 3 Year 11
Friday 11th Sport Year 8
Friday 18th Sport Year 7
Tuesday 29th Intermediate Sport
Thursday 31st Champion Presentation, Monash Years 9 & 10
Monday 4th to Wednesday 6th Year 9 Exams Year 9
Thursday 7th Division Athletics
Thursday 21st End Semester 2 Year 12
Parent Teacher Interviews
Friday 22nd English Practice Exam
Monday 25th – Friday 6th October Term Break
Thursday 12th English Revision Lecture Year 12
SMR Athletics
Tuesday 24th State Athletics
Wednesday 25th to Friday 27th Senior VCAL Portfolios
Friday 27th Celebration Day Year 12
Wednesday 1st to Friday 17th Year 12 Exams Year 12
Monday 6th to Friday 10th Year 11 Exams Year 11
Tuesday 7th Cup Day
Monday 13th to Friday 24th Headstart Year 12 (2018) Year 11
Thursday 16th Monash Caulfield Year 8
Friday 17th Valedictory Dinner
Friday 24th Final Day Year 12 (2018)
Monday 27th to 30th Year 10 Exams Year 10
Friday 1st Report Writing Day
Monday 4th to Friday 15th Headstart Year 8-11 (2018) Years 7-10
Monday 18th to 21st Activities
Wednesday 20th Awards Night
Friday 22nd End of Term 4