Business Management

Students examine how businesses manage resources to achieve objectives. From the first idea for a business concept, to planning and establishing a business, through to daily management of a business. Dealing with changes to ensure continued success Students develop understandings of the complexity and challenges facing business decision makers.

Areas of Study

The study is made up of four units across 2 years.

Unit 1: Planning a business

Unit 2: Establishing a business

Unit 3: Managing a business

Unit 4: Transforming a business


Your internal assessment is based on your performance in tests on the first four areas of study and in an independent research investigation into business concept. There are internal exams at the end of each semester in year 11 and external exam at the end of year 12.

Previous Experience/Prerequisites

No previous experience is necessary but your studies of Economics in Year 10 Humanities will help you.

Future Pathways

This subject is particularly valuable for those considering tertiary study in business, accounting, marketing, banking, or economics or working later in all of those fields. It’s also very useful for those wanting to start their own business, anything from hairdressing to building and construction as well as general applicability for those who will one day work in small or large organisations.

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