Food Studies Units 1 & 2

Unit 1 focuses on food from the cultural and historical perspectives. It is investigates changes that have occurred over time and through the influence of multicultural groups. It considers the origins and significance of food through inquiry into particular food-producing regions of the world.

Unit 2 focuses on the production of food from a homemade, small commercial operation to large scale commercial operations. It considers the importance of safety and hygiene work place systems to ensure the food industry is safe for consumers.

Areas of Study

  • Food around the world
  • Food in Australia
  • Food industries
  • Food in the Home


Each outcome for both units is assessed by the completion of a SAC. The assessment tasks are: a range of practical activities and records and one or a combination of the following:

  • A short written report: media analysis, research inquiry, structured questions, case study analysis
  • An annotated visual report
  • An oral presentation or a practical demonstration
  • A video or podcast

Previous Experience/Prerequisites

There are no pre-requisites to this unit.

Future Pathways

This unit of study is particularly valuable to those considering further education in the Hospitality or Health Industry. Tertiary studies in Nutrition and Food Science.


$300 per year (2 units)

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