History Units 1 & 2 – 20th Century

In 20th Century History, students will view various significant events, movements, and individuals through multiple lenses. Students will interpret various primary and secondary historical information so as to inform their own world view.

Areas of Study

  • Unit 1, Area of Study 1: Crisis and Conflict
  • Unit 1, Area of Study 2: Social Life
  • Unit 1, Area of Study 3: Cultural Expression
  • Unit 2, Area of Study 1: Ideas and Political Power
  • Unit 2, Area of Study 2: Movements of the People
  • Unit 2, Area of Study 3: Issues for the Millennium
  • Visit to the Jewish Holocaust Centre.


  • Graphic Analysis Tasks
  • Document Analysis Tasks
  • Extended Response Tasks
  • Semester Examinations

Previous Experience/Prerequisites

Strong grades in Humanities would be advantageous.

Future Pathways

This subject is useful for those who wish to study various tertiary Arts subjects

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