Legal Studies

The study builds an understanding of the law and the legal system what are the challenges faced by our parliaments and courts/tribunals. Students investigate the workings of the Australian legal system Students are encouraged to question workings of these systems to develop informed judgments about their effectiveness, and consider law reforms.

Areas of Study

The study is made up of four units across 2 years:

Unit 1: Criminal law in action

Unit 2: Issues in civil law

Unit 3: Law-making

Unit 4: Resolution and justice

Each unit deals with specific content contained in areas of study and is designed to enable students to achieve a set of outcomes for that unit. Each outcome is described in terms of key knowledge and key skills.


Your internal assessment is based on your performance in tests on the first four areas of study. In year 11 there’s an independent research investigation into the crime of murder of murder, while in year 12 we look at how Rights are protected. There are exams each semester.

Previous Experience/Prerequisites

No previous experience is necessary but your studies of Civics and Citizenship in Year 10 Humanities will help you.

Future Pathways

This subject is particularly valuable for those considering tertiary study in the law, politics, sociology or history, as well as business, banking, or economics. It’s also very useful for everyone who wants to know more about how our society functions.