Further Mathematics

This subject is the study of key mathematical techniques relating to ‘use of formulae’, ‘understanding and interpreting answers’ and the ‘use of technologies (CAS calculator) to find answers’. Its main focus is on the use of mathematics in the real world.

Areas of Study

There are FOUR topics/modules covered throughout the year:

  1. CORE – Data analysis (stats) {40% of content}
  2. Recursion & Financial modelling {20 % of content}
  3. Matrices {20% of content}
  4. Networks & Decision maths {20% of content}


Each module is assessed with the completion of a SAC, with two end of year exams.

  • SAC’s = 33% of total mark
    • Sac marks are distributed according to content, so 40% of SAC mark is based on Data, 20% Financial, 20% Matrices, 20% Networks
  • Exam 1 Multiple choice = 33% of total mark
  • Exam 2 Extended response = 34% of total mark

Previous Experience/Prerequisites

There are no prerequisites for this subject, however it is recommended that a pass in General Mathematics (year 11) has been achieved

Future Pathways

Further Maths is a good choice for those considering a tertiary or Tafe pathway that requires year 12 mathematics as a prerequisite

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