VCAL Literacy

In VCAL Foundation Literacy, students will receive support to study applied literacy skills that will prepare them for real-world tasks.

Areas of Study

  • Oracy for Self Expression
  • Oracy for Knowledge
  • Oracy for Practical Purposes
  • Oracy for Exploring Issues and Problem Solving
  • Writing for Self Expression
  • Writing for Practical Purposes
  • Writing for Knowledge
  • Writing for Public Debate
  • Reading for Self Expression
  • Reading for Practical Purposes
  • Reading for Knowledge
  • Reading for Public Debate


  • Text Analysis
  • Self-Improvement Report
  • Primary School Reading Program
  • Speech/Debate
  • Informative Report and Presentation
  • Photo-storyboard
  • Creative Children’s Narrative
  • Cultural Discussion Piece

Previous Experience/Prerequisites

Participation in a VET subject in year 10 is advantageous.

Future Pathways

This subject is useful for those looking to transition into TAFE courses, apprenticeships and the workforce as prepared young people.

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