VCAL Work Related Skills

Work Related Skills, (WRS), are compulsory units of the Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (VCAL). After some initial theory and completion of department paperwork, WRS is delivered one day per week. This is normally on a Friday, as these units are delivered through a structured work placement. There are two semester length units that run for the whole year i.e. Unit 1 first half of the year followed by unit 2 in the second half of the year. Work related skills can be undertaken across three levels, Foundation, Intermediate and Senior, with Senior equivalent to Year 12.

Areas of Study

The unit focus on developing employability skills where students can also complete a school based apprenticeship or gain credit through their part time work. Students study Occupational Health and Safety, work place competencies such as team work, communication and the impact of technology on the way we do work In practical ways students develop job seeking skills such as job applications, resume writing and interview skills.


Students must complete all learning outcomes at the unit level they are enrolled in. As students undertake units at higher levels they are required to take greater responsibility and ability to problem solve and work autonomously. They must complete department requirements and secure and maintain a structured work placement one day per week for the whole of the year. As part of the course students are also required to complete their WRS work book and digital portfolio addressing relevant unit outcomes.

There is an attendance requirement of 90% or above for each WRS unit.

Previous Experience/Prerequisites

WRS is a further progression of the work and skills students have demonstrated in their work education unit and work experience program in Year 10 Humanities. Students need to have successfully completed Year 10 , in particular, English, Maths, Humanities. Successful completion of a Vocational Education and Training (VET) program is also an advantage.

Future Pathways

Students completing WRS enables a student to develop a work history where students can demonstrate the skills employers are looking for. This in combination with a completed VCAL certificate and VET certificate allows students to complete the VCAL to the next highest level, go onto TAFE to further study or apply for apprenticeships and traineeships.

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