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State Finals here we come!

Pakenham Secondary College Chess students traveled to Berwick to play Cardinia’s regional chess tournament at Nossal high school.

In the Open Secondary division Pakenham Secondary College took the gold and upset the hosts by 5 points. Danien Kho had the best score with 5 wins out of 7, followed by Victoria Hendrick (4), Tye Xu (3.5) and Amina Hussaini (3).

The hosts managed to win the Middle Years division, with our College only 2 points behind at second. Drouin (3), Mt Hira College (4), Mitcham Primary (5), Berwick Lodge Primary (6) and St Laurence O’Tooles (7) finished in that order.

Eight players in the MY division scored a fantastic 5 out of 7 wins: Brett Handley (also most improved player and overall 8th best player out of 62), Yven Cole, Hayden King, Fabian Bonaudi, Elina Cole (best female player – 12th overall), Kanjae Kemp, Arezo Hussaini and Ceu Mang.

Phoebe Gerin, Sterling Stuski and Krystal Whalley scored 4.5; Sibtain Azeem, Daniel Tomich, Rose Sollis and Nafha Afshari 4; Aleisha Lipp 3.5; Maryam Khademi and Corey Smerdon 3; and Matthew Rogers 1.
Silver medalists

Silver medalists


The open secondary champions with Nossal's assistant principal.

The open secondary champions with Nossal’s assistant principal