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Teenage boy wearing headphones works at desk in his bedroom

Tips on Good Study Habits

We are very appreciative of the support we receive from our parents and suggest that there are some fundamental things that can be done at home to support each child’s learning:

  • Make sure there is a space that is available within the house where homework can be completed (this is not in front of the Television).
  • Commit to ensuring that your child goes to school every day.
  • Support your child in being organised. Make sure they have the correct equipment, and their workbooks are properly set out.  One workbook or one section of a folder, for each subject is a good idea.
  • Ask to see your child’s workbooks on a weekly basis.
  • Teach your child effective time management by ensuring that there is regular time set aside, after school, whereby they can complete their homework. Teenagers use a lot of their after school time, socialising with friends, using social media or playing games on computers.  Time needs to be set aside where this is not allowed and study is the sole focus of their time.
  • Check the student planner / Compass for when class work is due and make sure that they have submitted set work.
  • Set up a regular homework routine whereby students could:
    • Complete assignments or work that was not completed in class that day.
    • Review the notes they have taken during any one lesson. A big problem for students is they take notes during class time and then forget about them until they are required to sit a test.
    • Read a book. Reading plays a very important role in student learning and, if you join the local library, costs nothing.  It promotes language development and comprehension skills.  Whenever a student says I have no homework, ask them to read.

The success of each child is important to us and we need to promote good habits within our students to ensure that their education has importance in their life.  We can make this happen through parents and teachers working together.  If parents have any concerns regarding their child’s progress, they should contact either their child’s classroom teacher or team leader.

Through working together, we can achieve great outcomes.