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A Win-Win Collaboration Project

The College has recently developed a collaborative relationship with a 300 acre farm in Cockatoo.

It was terrific to see how the VET Building and Construction students embraced the opportunity to assist in the construction of a wire fence at a farm. They were given a demonstration on the different techniques used in the construction of the various parts of the fence. The students calculated the total distance to be fenced and worked out the number of posts required for the completion of the fencing.
They marked the position of the holes and dug to the required depth to insert the posts. Then came the attachment of the wire and finally the barb wire on the top of the fence. The total length of the fence was 100m and was completed in three days.
A learning project successfully completed.

Our next project was to construct an animal shelter. Students used their knowledge gained in class during the construction one of a garden shed and used this concept in the design of the animal shelter. We used recycled pallets in the construction of the shelter. Students once again successfully completed this project.