Year 10 Elective – Fashion

Course Description:

This course offers students the opportunity to express themselves through their choice and construction of a garment.

Students will further develop skills related to textile use in order to meet specific design briefs.  They will learn to develop and apply this knowledge to the properties and functions of fabrics, the production techniques and processes required and the principles of design.

Students will be required to study design briefs, make decisions about designs and create their own original works. They will learn to manage resources to gain an increased understanding of fashion design and the marketing of fashion.

Student projects will be negotiated with the teacher, according to time and budget constraints.

Students will be required to constantly evaluate what they have learnt and justify their choice of pattern and fabric and the suitability of the final garment. A workbook is to be kept up to date throughout the course.

The workbook will consist of information relevant to the student’s practical work, experimental samples and methods of construction.

Assignment work will also be completed as required. Students will be required to purchase fabric and pattern for their final product.

Areas of Study:

  • Introduction to course
  • Create a series of different seams
  • Commercial Pattern Revision
  • Pattern and Fabric Selection
  • Construction of Garments
  • Production of folio, including designs, evaluations, solutions to design briefs and photos.
  • Design assignment

Subject Detailed Information:

Year 10 Fashion

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Mrs Robyn Gramc