Year 10 – Welcome to the senior school

In preparation for their senior years of school, students will be involved in a course counselling process that will ask them to make plans for a three year course of study (Years 10, 11 & 12) rather than treat each of the years separately. This will be unique to each student, since it will reflect their personal interests and aspirations.

When choosing courses for Year 10, students and parents need to consider the potential Pathways that are available to students, as they progress through the Senior School.

Curriculum Map – Year 10

Subject Mainstream VET class Enhancement class
Periods Per Week
English 4 4 3
Mathematics 4 4 3
Science 3 3 periods per week for one semester 3
Humanities 4 – see note below 3 periods per week for one semester 3
Health & P.E. 2 2 2
Electives 3 3 3
VET subject 4
VCE subject 3


The study of Humanities varies depending on which Year 10 program students have selected. In Mainstream classes, Humanities is divided into four specialist subjects – Economics, Geography, Global Issues and History. These subjects are studied for a semester each, at two periods per week. The Enhancement and VET classes study a general Humanities course.


Core Subject Information

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Career Option - The Arts

Year 10 Electives – The Arts

Music Performance
Digital Art and Design

Career Option - Product Design and Technology

Year 10 Electives – Technology

Food Technology
Information Communication & Technology (ICT)
Wood Technology


Year 10 Elective – Languages


Career Option - Physical Education

Year 10 Elective – Health & Physical Education

Body Attack

Vocational Educational Training (VET) Options

The following information on V.E.T. programs identifies many, but not all, of the available programs and lists the local providers where programs are delivered.  The information gives you an outline of the course, career opportunities and what units you can gain towards your senior school certificates, so you can make a more informed decision on the right VET course for you.  For more detailed information, or if you are interested in a course that is not listed in the Handbook you can arrange to speak with Mrs. Bruce at the College. All information is correct at the time of printing. Courses will only run if there are sufficient numbers in each class.

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