Year 7 Career and Pathways

It is essential for young people to take an active role in their career development, starting from a young age.  In Year 7, ‘I Discover’ is the main focus in Careers and Pathways.  This focus is designed to give students the opportunity to discover their strengths and interests, enabling them to develop a positive self-image.  This provides a foundation for future pathway planning.  Students also develop an awareness of the importance of social and interpersonal skills, as they take these into their future work roles.  Each student will complete a Career Action Plan, in which they will explore and start to plan their career learning goals.  This plan will be reviewed each year, as the student grows and develops.  The Careers and Pathways Team within the school helps students to develop their learning and work decision-making skills, build resilience to manage change and provide a foundation for career management skills.