Year 7 Enhanced Learning Program


The aim of the Enhanced Learning Program at Year 7 is to extend the learning and personal development of more able students through the provision of a challenging and diverse program.

Identification and Selection of Suitable Candidates

Identification and selection of suitable candidates for the program occurs during Term 4 and is based on more than one method, to ensure a student’s hidden talents are not missed.Methods of identification include:

  • Standardised testing
  • Parent nomination and/or Grade 6 Teacher nomination
  • Transition Information from the primary school
  • AUSVELS level at the end of Grade 6

Selection of students is based on:

  • Information collected in the identification process
  • Parent and child interview (if required) with the Pakenham Secondary College Transition Co-ordinator and Year 7 Team Leaders.


Enhanced learning and personal development will be provided as follows:

In Class Provision

Enrichment and extension involving the study of topics at greater depth, the broadening of content, understanding, processes and skills beyond the core curriculum and the ability to integrate knowledge at a level appropriate to each student’s developmental level.

Out of Class Provision

Participation in enrichment activities, such as, competitions, workshops and debating. Involvement in the wider school program e.g. Student Leadership Council, School Music Program and sporting teams.Learning opportunities will facilitate:

  • Development of independent learning skills i.e. student-centred rather than teacher-centred
  • Development of skills in the areas of higher order thinking, problem solving, self-evaluation and co-operative learning
  • Development of effective decision making skills
  • Development of leadership skills

Monitoring and Review of Student Progress

Monitoring of student progress in the Enhanced Learning Program will be ongoing and will include:

  • Standardised testing twice a year
  • Regular teacher assessment of academic performance and work ethic

The information obtained from the monitoring process will be used to review student participation in the program and, if student progress is considered unsatisfactory, this may result in removal from the program.  Should you require further information or would like to discuss the program, please feel free to contact the College on 5945 1433.