General Information 2018

Office Information

Address 1020 Princes Highway
Pakenham 3810
Telephone (03) 5945 1433
Facsimile (03) 5945 1444
Web Address


Opening Times

The Office will be open on the following dates for student payments:

Wednesday 24th January 2018 9.00am – 4.15pm
Thursday 25th January 2018 9.00am – 4.15pm
Friday 26th January   2018 CLOSED – Public Holiday
Monday 29th January 2018 8.00am – 4.30pm
Tuesday 30th January 2018 8.00am – 4.30pm


Student Term Dates 2018

Students will commence school Wednesday 31st January 2018


Term 1 31st January 2018 – 29th March 2018
Term 2 16th April 2018 – 29th June 2018
Term 3 16th July 2018 – 21st September 2018
Term 4 8th October 2018 – 21st December 2018


School Contributions

Payment of school contributions can be made by cash, EFTPOS, BPay, Centre Pay and Credit Cards

Students Returning Forms and Money

When students are returning excursion forms, money in sealed envelopes or paperwork to the General Office, it should be placed in the letterbox located in the wall next to the Student Window.  Parents and Guardians can return these items to reception.


The College will email the newsletter to families three times a term.  Families who don’t have email access can request a paper copy to be mailed out.  The newsletter is also available on the College website.

Personal Items Brought to School

If students bring bikes, scooters or any personal items, including mobile phones and iPods to school, it is at the owner’s risk.  The College accepts no responsibility for any lost or stolen items.  The College will lock the bike shed each day, but cannot guarantee complete security; we recommend students bring their own locks to secure bikes and scooters.


The College library is open every day at 8:30am for students to use before school and until 4:00pm after school.  It is also open every lunchtime.


The school has a Canteen on site that is available for students to purchase hot and cold food before school and during recess and lunchtime.  Students are not permitted to visit the canteen during class time.

Homework Club

The College operates a Homework Club in the library one afternoon between 3:30pm and 4:30pm.  No bookings are necessary and all year levels are welcome.  Teachers supervise the session and are available to offer assistance as needed.  Students do not need to stay for the full hour, just as long as they need to.  No paperwork is required and students can simply arrive at the allocated time. The day is to be determined by staff available at the start of the year. This will be published in the College Newsletter.

Privacy Consent

The College values the privacy of every individual and is committed to protecting all personal information we collect.  In Victoria, the primary law that outlines privacy requirements is the Information Privacy Act 2000(Vic).  This law sets out what we must do when the College collects, uses, handles and destroys personal information.

The College will be collecting information throughout the year to be used in its communications to the school community and broader public and in promotional materials such as the College Newsletter, local and Melbourne based newspapers, the College website and promotional material which will be distributed to local primary schools and members of the General Public.

Parents and/or Guardians will be requested to provide their consent at the beginning of the school year.

You may request for your consent to be withdrawn at any time by writing to the College

Sick Bay

The College provides a service where we provide temporary support to students, provide first aid where applicable and return students back to class when it is safe to do so.  We are not able to provide medical treatment or assessment or administer medication unless previously arranged with parents.

When deemed necessary, we attempt to contact parents or other listed emergency contacts; in very serious cases we may need to arrange for an ambulance.

Parents must ensure that they let the school know when their contact details change and to ensure we have other emergency contacts listed on our system.  It is important that we can readily contact parents / guardians or other emergency contacts, if a medical issue arises.

Medication at School

The College must have completed paperwork for all medication that is left at school.  All medicine must be in the original packaging with the students name clearly labelled. No medication may be administered without written consent from a Parent or Guardian.

Medication forms are available from reception or the school First Aid Officer.

Students with Anaphylaxis or Asthma

The College has specific paperwork that parents and guardians must complete for students who have either of these medical conditions.

Any medical concerns or conditions that the school should be aware of, can be discussed with the school First Aid Officer or the General Office.

Anaphylaxis and asthma forms are available from reception or the school First Aid Officer.

Pakenham Secondary College Policies

The College has numerous policies that comply with Government regulations and a number of these are available on the school website.  All policy documents are available to families by contacting the General Office or on this website by clicking here.

Student Absences

When students are away from school, parents or guardians are requested to log onto the “Compass Parent Portal” and enter an absence note.

Leaving Early From School

If a student needs to leave school early they must be signed out via Reception.  Students need to bring a note from home, which they need to give to their Team Leader before school; the Team Leader will then issue an early leavers pass.  This approval slip will allow the student to leave class and sign out at reception.

If the student needs to leave unexpectedly, the parent/guardian can come to reception to sign the child out or phone the school to provide approval for the child to leave.

Students can only be signed out by adults who are listed on the student’s file.  In all other cases approval will be needed from a parent/guardian.  Families are strongly encouraged to keep their information up to date to avoid any delays in allowing a child to leave.

Arriving Late To School

Students who arrive late to school need to provide a note for the late attendance and obtain a late pass from the Student Window, which is located behind reception.


While parents/guardians have primary responsibility for transporting their children to and from school, the School Bus Program assists families in rural and regional Victoria by transporting students to school.  The program services both government and non-government schools.

Categories of eligibility determine whether a student travels at no cost or travels upon the payment of a fare.  Students wishing to access a seat on a bus must complete an application form and parents/guardians must agree to the conditions of travel including, if applicable, the payment of a fare.

To access a school bus at no cost, government and non-government primary and secondary school students must attend their closest school/campus by the shortest practicable route appropriate to their year level and be residing 4.8km or more from the school.  The school bus service is from home to school ONLY and not to be used for recreational purposes or to get students to afterschool employment.

If a student changes residential address, a new application must be made to the coordinating school and assessed against all criteria.

Students may ONLY access ONE bus service.  Students who live in a shared custody situation are only eligible to travel at no cost to their closest school from their primary residential address.  If students need to catch a different bus to school from their secondary residence, they may only catch that bus subject to approval from the coordinating Principal and upon payment of the designated bus fare.

Families can obtain the application form from the College.