Year 9 Elective – Digital Art and Design

Course Description:

Students will be introduced to techniques in animation, character design and the moving image. They will study the history of animation and utilise these new techniques to create their own short animations.

Students will explore the design process to develop visual imagery for different purposes, audiences and in response to specific needs. They will use a combination of freehand drawing techniques and software to develop their ideas. Students will also learn a range of typography techniques.

Throughout this subject, students will develop practical skills and critical thinking skills which will inform their work as artists and as an audience.

Areas of Study:

  • Animation
  • Character design
  • Digital Painting
  • Typography
  • Advertising and marketing
  • Responding to artists who use digital art and design in their practice
  • Digital Design


Subject Cost:


Link to VCE Subjects:

Visual Communication and Design Units 1 to 4

Studio Art Units 1 to 4

Contact Person:

Ms Emily Schinzig