Year 9 Elective – Dramatic Performance

Course Description:

Throughout the semester, students will focus on developing their performance abilities as well as their theoretical knowledge of the elements of drama and how they work together to influence a performance. Their skills and abilities will be developed during in class acting and performing workshops where they will focus on character development, acting skills, improvisation, staging, and general drama skills, working toward a variety of self-devised and scripted drama. Students will think about and reflect on the acting and rehearsal process in their drama journals, and through the analysis of performance. They will have the chance to see a live theatre show, and students will have the opportunity to showcase their progress in the forms of monologue and ensemble performances, at a performance night at the end of the semester.

Areas of Study:

  • The elements of drama; movement, voice, space, atmosphere, symbol, and character
  • Performance analysis and reflection
  • Solo and ensemble performances

Subject Detailed Information:

Year 9 Art electives

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Drama Units 1 to 4

Contact Person:

Mr Trevor Bergshoeff