Year 9 Elective – Fashion

Course Description:

This course offers students the opportunity for self-expression, through the design and construction of several projects.

Students will be designing and making a backpack, a hooded jumper and a recycled garment project.

Students will be required to purchase fabric for their jumper and bring a garment for their recycling.

They will be required to follow a series of design briefs, which will encourage them to think about the final product and create a series of drawings. They will learn to follow a basic commercial pattern and increase their sewing machine skills. Students will also learn to evaluate their final product through completion of detailed self-assessment and evaluation questions.

Areas of Study:

  • Introduction to course
  • Introduction to commercial sewing patterns:
    • Placement of pattern and fabric
    • Cutting out of garment
  • Construction of garments:
    • Using a sewing machine and other equipment
  • Revision of construction and evaluation of outcomes
  • Students will complete a series of design assignments throughout the semester


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Contact Person:

Mrs Robyn Gramc