Year 9 Elective – French

Course Description:

The Languages Pathway 2 curriculum in French focuses on the development of communication in a variety of social and cultural contexts in both written and spoken form.

Through multi-modal immersion and modelled use of language, the teaching and learning program will consolidate students’ existing knowledge of French grammatical conventions, then extend upon students’ personal vocabulary and knowledge of language structures such as verb tenses, definite and indefinite articles, along with possessive, personal, direct and indirect pronouns. Students will read, view, or listen to a range of multi-modal texts to obtain factual information on defined topics of interest in order to construct conversations with others or written reflections.

Students will develop a deep understanding of the close relationship between language and cultural conventions that recognise social norms of purpose and context in formal and informal communication. They will gain an understanding of diverse views and beliefs within a different cultural community as compared with their own and be able to articulate a preference, provide information or a point of view on a given topic.

Areas of Study:

  • Viewing, Listening and Reading French Texts
  • Oral and written French communication in both formal and informal social contexts
  • Creative Cultural Research Folio
  • Writing Folio
  • French Immersion Incursion OR Excursion


Subject Cost:


Link to VCE Subjects:

Languages Units 1 to 4

Contact Person:

Mrs Deborah Kielnhofer