Year 9 Elective – French

Course Description:

The L.O.T.E. Pathway 2 Curriculum is built around the two interrelated strands of Communicating in a Language Other Than English and Intercultural Knowledge and Language Awareness. The teaching and learning programs will consolidate previously learnt language and extend students’ personal vocabulary and knowledge of language structures. They introduce themselves, greet and farewell others using the appropriate register and reproduce modeled use of language. Students exchange simple information on topics, such as daily routines and aspects of their world. They talk about themselves in response to questions and ask further questions in response. Students read, view, or listen to a range of multi-modal texts and extract basic factual information on defined topics. They collect information about the settings, countries and regions where the language is spoken and analyse the cultural conventions of these countries in comparison to their own. Students develop a deep understanding of the close relationship between language and cultural conventions, by using appropriate language and levels of respect in different social circumstances that reflect the relationship between the speakers involved. They gain an understanding of diverse views and beliefs within a different cultural community.

Areas of Study:

  • Viewing, Listening and Reading French Texts
  • Speaking French in Everyday Social Situations
  • Creative Cultural Research Folio
  • Writing Folio
  • French Immersion Excursion

Subject Cost:

No additional cost.

Link to VCE Subjects:

LOTE Units 1 to 4

Contact Person:

Mrs Deborah Kielnhofer