Year 9 Health and Physical Education

Course Description:

In Year 9 Health and Physical Education, students will participate in both practical and theoretical classes. During practical classes, the development of skills and movements, required for successful participation in a series of team sports, is an area of focus. Students will also enhance their understanding of the rules and guidelines required for successful gameplay by undertaking various roles and responsibilities within each sport.

The Health program at Year 9 encourages students to participate in discussion and enhance their knowledge of the various topics discussed, by applying their understanding to real life scenarios. They investigate risk taking behaviours and take an in-depth look at road safety and initiatives that have been introduced in an attempt to reduce the road toll. Students examine health related fitness components and apply this understanding through the development of a fitness circuit related to specific fitness components. They look at national health issues and investigate the factors which influence food choices and healthy lifestyle decisions. Finally, students will explore adolescent health issues and further enhance their knowledge of relationships and sexuality.

Areas of Study:

  • Badminton
  • Lacrosse
  • Athletics
  • Softball
  • Outdoor Recreation
  • Adolescent Health Issues
  • Health and Skill Related Fitness
  • Improving Performance
  • Risk Taking Behaviours and Road Safety