Year 9 Humanities

The study of Humanities at Year 9 encompasses the disciplines of History, Geography, Economics and Civics and Citizenship (Legal Studies and Politics).

In History and Civics students will investigate the movement of people to Australia and its effects, from white settlement in 1788 to the end of the First World War in 1918. This will include examining new ideas and technological developments and their impact on the living conditions of Australians during that time. Students will explore how Australia has developed its social, political, legal and cultural structures and traditions, as well as the Indigenous cultures from pre-European settlement to today, to understand the impression that European colonisation had on our country. Through their participation in a national competition on the meaning of the ‘Spirit of ANZAC’, students will also examine the causes of the First World War, its impact on Australia socially and culturally and the significance of the war to this day.

In Geography students study biomes and food security, including the challenges to food production, such as land and water degradation, shortage of fresh water, competing land uses and climate change. Another area of study is the Geographies of Interconnectedness, which is the way places and people are interconnected with other places and people through trading goods and services.

Students will also learn how the economy can affect the everyday life of individuals in terms of employment, economic growth, the use of resources, exports and imports and ecological sustainability. They will take part in a ‘Stock Market Game’ against students from schools across Australia. Finally, students will explore their career potential, by identifying their skills, abilities and personal traits; they will learn to set career goals and write letters of application and a resume that suits their ambitions.

Areas of Study may include:

  • Careers
  • Politics: Choosing a Government
  • World War 1
  • Biomes and Food Security
  • Geographies of Interconnectedness
  • Economics
  • How Our Legal System Works