Year 9 Course Information

Year 9 students continue to be supported to find their strengths and interests, explore good learning habits and develop a positive self-image to build a basis for a future pathway.

Students combine their abilities with good communication skills to focus on future life, the world of work and further study. Students’ self knowledge in relation to skills, interests and abilities is built

Curriculum – Year 9

In Year 9 all students will study the following subjects:

Subject Schedule
English 4 periods per week
Mathematics 4 periods per week
Science 3 periods per week
Humanities 3 periods per week
Health & P.E. 2 periods per week
Electives 4 periods per week


Core Subject Information

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Students must choose two electives from Arts, Technology, Health and Physical Education. Students can only choose one elective per learning area. NOTE:  Students who wish to study Languages (French) must select this for Semester 1 and are then removed from class for 2 X 35 minute sessions in Semester 2 for conversation practice. The timing of these sessions will be rotated throughout the semester to avoid missing the same classes each week.

Many of these electives incur a subject fee due to the materials used by the students in these programs. Payment of these fees is required for the subject to be confirmed in the student’s program. Costs associated with each elective are stated in the subject description included in this booklet.


Career Option - The Arts

Year 9 Electives – The Arts

Music Performance
Digital Art and Design

Career Option - Product Design and Technology

Year 9 Electives – Technology

Food Technology
Information Communication & Technology (ICT)
Wood Technology


Year 9 Elective – Languages


Career Option - Physical Education

Year 9 Elective – Health & Physical Education

Team Sports