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Year 11 VCAL Community Lockdown Engagement Ideas

The Year 11 Intermediate Personal Development VCAL class has been working on their Unit 2 outcome linked to community engagement. Whilst we were on site we brainstormed ways to engage our school community during remote learning and to respond to the issues that remote learning and isolation restrictions cause.

The class has come up with a few different approaches and then have been working on ways to share them with students at home using different ICT skills and media forms.

So far they have made some posters with recipes they cook at home with their families, some activities to do with siblings, movie recommendations, workout routines and self-care tips.

Click on the pictures to launch the full student project.


How to look after chickens

workout plan

Workout Plan

herb garden

How to start your own herb garden

angus schtz movbies

G Rated Movie recommendationworkout plan

 Movie Recommendations 

Movie Recommendationsworkout plan

Looking afterourselves in remote learning

Planning your day – tips


Omelette Recipe

taco recipe

Taco Recipe


Pancake Recipe

activities to do while in lockdown

Activities to do in lockdown

Year 10 Daily Workout

Daily Workouts

Fried Rice

Fried Rice Recipe